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    Hi there,

    I have been out of town for quite a while and did not get the chance to respond to all the negative comments regarding well it seem that firstly many of you could not log on to the website that problem has now been fixed go ahead look for yourselves what we do NO PILLS IN SITE AND THERE NEVER HAS BEEN in terms of the manufacturer BOB FRITZ is one of the most respected k9 health product producer that there is go online and check out his resume, the moron that was talking trash about pills is just that a moron have a look mister at my own dog on my home page can your dog measure up to him NO yes take a good look he was fifteen months old, I have like BOB competed in regional and national weight pull competitions, conformation, french ring sport and shutzhund, I think that puts me in a position to know a thing about k9 conditioning, I am refering to k9 athletes who work and are active, not wasting away sitting at home sleeping, hey mister and your friend SUZ as far as raising puppies and diet well all these food recalls dangerious ingredients BOB FRITZ was the first to pioneer HUMAN GRADE INGREDIENTS in dog food supplements over 25 years ago he has had dog since he was a child, he worked for NASA nutritional programme, but you have more authority right, bring out your dogs mister and Suz let see what great specimins you have. SUPERFUEL is the most advanced K9 conditioning supplement on the market, which complements what ever you feed your dogs the labels are there on my website, mister and Suz read them, do you realy think that UK customs who for god know how many years have done a sound job protecting and safe guarding animal health in this country is realy going to let in anything that was pill related to animals without the standard six months lab test, its people with that negative attitude that have put so many dogs a risk through lack of understand in basic canine physiology what do you think dogs are ment to sit around all day doing nothing they waste away, dogs are primarily working animals that need a job competition provide that job socializes the animal with others and gets people together, PEOPLE IN GLASS HOUSES SHOULD NOT THROW STONES, lets see your dogs lets see what you do. :read:


    personally, your tone stinks!


    We moved this while we decided if it was worthy of a response.

    I for one felt the need to answer it.

    Steven for one, I have checked out the topic you refer to. All I posted on that was that a) I couldnt log onto the site and b) that there was nothing on the site that my dog needed.

    Dogs are not primarily working animals, not anymore, my dog for certain was not bred to work.

    See the thing is Steven you picked the wrong person to start this with, I dont own a dog who eats ‘crap in a bag’ as was so eloquently put in a pm, infact you are so far from the truth its unreal. I am more than able to comment on feeding and food and whether my dog, needs supplements. She does not, infact they could do her more harm than good.

    Why do you suggest I have a negative attitude? I am sure many will agree that again your far from the truth.

    If you check out my signature you can see my dog for yourself. No I agree shes far from a great example of a working dog – but thats fine by me because shes NOT a working dog, and no her conformation is crap to – but then when I rescued her I was under no illusions of her winning any prizes. Cant see her competing in schutzhund either nope, unlikely………..cant see her weight pulling either but then because of her poor conformatin id be a fool to risk her by putting her through any of that.

    You see I have more than basic canine physiology knowledge……….but then you wouldnt know that because you posted without finding out what I do and dont know didnt you.

    But believe me, my dog is in no need of any of the things on your site, shes fit and healthy and yep she spends best part of the day snoozing……bad me maybe I should have her doing active stuff all day….or maybe I shouldnt seeing as she has arthritis in her shoulder? So there you go thats me and my dog, she doesnt ‘do’ much, but shes special in more ways than you could ever realise.

    So yep one thing I do agree with – people in glass houses really shuldnt throw stones – id say take your own advice.


    interesting that they promote killing wild deer / elk etc … for pet food ????


    Who’s your PR advisor Steven?  I’d sack them if I were you – you’re not going to make friends and influence people with an attitude like that!


    Well said Suz :-* :yes:


    and by the way Steve I can and do  :read:


    mine ?? working ?? yep ??

    food/diet ads…lets not go there hun… aint commercial  :D…15 months ?? errmmm come back when he 15 years…we lost our oldest girlie this year…a clumber (average live age stats 11)…she was 16 and a few months…never had anything but houses? aint throwing any stones…just dont need
    thanks anyway  🙂


    PS…are you or company prepared to post/give a FULL list of ALL ingredients of ALL products ?? including the lab reports ?


    well said suz and bev

    steven your post was way out of line so if you want to say something say it nice and get off your high horse :whatever:


    I think I have a basic knowledge of canine nutrition and conditioning the performance dog………

    I have a Schutzhund 3 dog (winner of SchH1 and 3, 2nd in SchH2, with two best obedience and one best protection in TRIAL not just stake and HOT (handler owned and trained) and he has an AD as well (for those who do not know that is when a dog must cover 13 miles at a trot next to a bike within a specified time period and still be fit to continue running and do obedience.

    I also have another dog which has reached the top of the tree in Working Trials (similar to schutzhund but without the bitework but who have to scale 6ft high and jump 9ft long) got a BH, AD,FH1 and FH2, plus placed in agility, the conformation ring and has a working gundog certificate and competed in the UK superdog competition a couple of years ago (only 9 entries). 

    So I think it is fair to say my dogs are reasonably active and work reasonably well on fresh raw food with no need for any superfuel supplements to make up for any nutritional deficiencies.  But perhaps that is because my knowledge of canine nutrition is fairly reasonable too………..



    If Steven is supposed to be the PRman for this food, he’s doing a very lousy job…

    Steven, please learn to write a bit better. Your post was hard to read…

    So.. if I get this right… it’s about some kind of supplement?
    Whatever. My dogs don’t need such junk. And if you want, Steven, I’ll post you a few pictures of MY working dog… if you post yours first. You make me curious.
    My dog has no papers, nope… But a stunning dog nonetheless. And in perfect shape.


    I dont profess to know very much about dogs just what works for mine pooch.  But I feed him what he is supposed to be eating.  He doesnt get chemicals, e numbers, crap – he gets holisitic food – I know what he likes I know what works and what doesn’t.  He is happy and healthy – I work his brain and his body – and he is the best he can be – and that is all that matters to me and to him. 

    Sorry if that makes me a bad owner but so be it…. throw the stones and keep them coming.

    Sorry if my post offends anyone with its simplicity but to me it is simple – meet their needs and they are happy.  And my dog is a working breed but he is not a working dog but his brain and muscles are more than active.

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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