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    my dog gave birth to 5 pups 4weeks ago but only 2pups survived as the birth was drawn out longer than necessary as the vet was reluctant to perform a c-section! 1pup is growing normally but the other hasnt grown! he’s been having supplements of the milk that use for lambs. has anyone every experienced this before? any ideas why hes not growing?


    You should see a vet



    perhaps milk “for lambs” isnt the best thing for a puppy ?

    i would suggest seeing a vet urgently and get both pups and mum checked over.



    We have had eight litters where all puppies have thrived.

    At 4 weeks your puppies should be in the process of being weaned and eating whatever you want them to have once they are independant – ie moistened all-in-one food or meat and moistened biscuits around 5 times a day.  They should spend a substantial time away from their mum as she  will be getting fed uip of their sharp little teeth and nails.

    At this stage ours are usually also having goats milk to drink  Mum will still be spending the night with them, but she will only be supplementing the food you are giving.

    Good Luck




    yep but this time they not thriving, did you get a vet to check them?

    surely the interaction with mum is what makes well balanced dogs, thats why they stay with mum for another 4 weeks yet?  i would expect mum should be telling them when “it enough” and that what forms the basis of bite inhibition but i could be wrong?


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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