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    “Pound to Sanctuary”

    I don’t mean to be ungrateful, but I’m living in a concrete cell
    They said they’d find a home for me, but when, oh when, pray tell
    This place is really heaven, after some of the places I’ve known
    But my only one desire, is to have a place called “home”!

    Every now and then someone passes, they peer between the bars
    I try to look my best for them, and not show them my scars
    A key in a lock is turning, I sit still quietly and hold my breath
    Is this my ticket out of here, or does it only mean my death?

    One of my cellmates won a reprieve, smiling faces take him away
    The hours tick by, the night draws in, the end of another long day
    Before I sleep I hear voices outside, they write upon my chart
    In large black letter “Put to Sleep”, my fate, my bleeding heart.

    She came for me with a harness, gently passed it over my head
    I followed her out into the sunshine, and went wherever she led
    She bent down, gazed into my eyes, and held me by the chin
    She stroked me ever so softly, and told me my life would now begin!

    She’d found me a dog loving family, they take care of my every need
    They are patient, kind and fun to be with, a wonderful home indeed
    I’m now living in the lap of luxury, it’s a tale with a happy end
    But I couldn’t just leave it there, for I’ve left behind a dear friend.

    If you read this and can’t offer him a home, consider offering a brief respite
    Because he’s sitting in a cell like I was, and it might just be his last night
    The rescue will pay his expenses, he says “you won’t even know he’s there”
    Please search your soul, think about it, and let them know if you care.

    Written by an ex-pound inmate
    (Sharon Reynolds for Rescue Remedies)

    Enquiries Tel: 020 8274 0471



    so sad………..if i could i would  :'(


    thats is lovely and i would but my local pounds wont let me :'(

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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