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    quote :

    Size  m
    Do they moult?  heavy
    Do they make good guard dogs?  no
    Do they make good watch dogs?  ok
    Are they readily obedient?  can learn
    Can you trust them off the lead?  caution advised
    Are they reliable left on their own?  no
    Will they get on with other animals?  yes if raised with them
    Are they suitable for children?  yes
    Mental stimulation requirements  high

    i dunno exactly but this doesnt seem right to me you know ?

    Q2 – i wouldnt have thought they moulted heavily assuming they are well kept?
    Q3&4 – you sure know when someone is coming in the gate at Vals . . .
    Q5 – what!!!!  they’re blindingly obedient in the right hands
    Q6 – erm…. they’re bred for working off lead hellooooooo ????
    Q7 – again … job *cough* ….
    Q8 – in what way “suitable” – good owners with good kids have good dog experiences 😛
    Q9 – high mental stimulation ????  beardies ?????  in relation to a stone maybe yes 😀

    perhaps these interesting qualities are more related to the yak type beardies seen below:


    Whoever wrote that tosh  😮


    looks to me like they were making that up as they were going along  ::)


    Claire is that on the site – it not in the mag unless you got the wrong one?

    And umm yes well nothing unusual with those sort of write ups – often wrong!  ::)



    clicked that rather enticing link at the top and clicked breed profiles and bearded collie (nosied at all the collies that just stuck out)

    claire x


    ahhh yes – didnt i post something on clumbers and pekes recently? cant remember…none of them are very accurate  :-\

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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