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    Ok, belated intros from myself and Rafe, mostly because I am somewhat rubbish at 1) getting photos, 2) transferring photos from camera to computer and 3) then posting the things!

    Rafe was born 10/05/07, and I’d had my name down for a liver dog for 6 months before he was born.  His posh name is Keamarola Thunderball, and by god is he a thunderball!

    I took him home at 8 weeks, and once I’d got used to the idea of my life never being the same again, he became my best mate.

    He’s now coming up to 2, and has settled somewhat, but is still a loopy loon; ADORES men (especially delivery men – got into the citylink van the other day!), and worships the ground I tread on.  If I have to go away for the weekend, he’ll spend the days I’m away on sentry outside my door, waiting for me to come back.

    He’s soooooo clever, which makes him Hard Work and hugely rewarding in equal measure.  I spend my time trying to think of ways to outwit him!

    He’s big, gorgeous and … well, he’s my boy.

    Flat-coated retrievers are known as the Peter Pan of the dog world, and you only have to meet one to know that.  Other things I’ve learned about flatties… They have bags of brains but no common sense, they adore everything and everyone, greeting anyone they meet as a long lost friend, and long lost friends with yowling singing and whole body wags.  They problem solve – if I’ve shut him out, he’ll simlpy open the door and let himself back in.  They lick lick lick.  They are great with kids – adore kids because any game a child enjoys to play with a flattie is a good one for them.  They’re known as family dogs because it would take an entire family to tire one out.

    And, just occasionally, if you’re feeling lower than you thought was possible, they’ll do something to touch your heart.

    I love my boy.

    (and will post pics in a sec…)



    Rafe when I brought him home…
    [img width=468 height=351]http://i712.photobucket.com/albums/ww130/xxpsychexx/p1010400.jpg[/img]

    And at about 10 weeks (note how he has DOUBLED in size!!)
    [img width=468 height=351]http://i712.photobucket.com/albums/ww130/xxpsychexx/p1010407.jpg[/img]

    Look at those lanky legs!
    [img width=468 height=351]http://i712.photobucket.com/albums/ww130/xxpsychexx/p1010410.jpg[/img]

    Playing with his best mate Snoopy
    [img width=468 height=351]http://i712.photobucket.com/albums/ww130/xxpsychexx/p1010411.jpg[/img]

    Up to No Good
    [img width=468 height=351]http://i712.photobucket.com/albums/ww130/xxpsychexx/p1010624.jpg[/img]

    Me and my boy…
    [img width=468 height=351]http://i712.photobucket.com/albums/ww130/xxpsychexx/p1010508.jpg[/img]


    he is just yummy – Snoopy looks lik hes about to pee on the floor in the fourth pic  😀  😀

    Hes gorgeous, really hope i get to meet him in person soon!  :-*


    Can see why you fell in love with him, he is beautiful :-*
    Apart from the problem solving you could be describing my daft sheltie Tam :yes:


    Thanks so much for nice comments!!  I get all swelled up with pride when I think about him, just want to show him off to everyone!

    ;D  ;D  ;D


    he’s lovely :-* :-*


    Lovely intro, gorgeous boy!


    Lovely intro and pics, sorry missed this thread  ::) Love the pre-wash pic  😀


    Gorgeous pics  ;D  I wonder if he and Loki would play together  🙂


    Oh he’d play with anyone!!

    The one thing that continually makes me sooooo proud of him is his totally happy nature, particularly towards other dogs.  We went playing with this little cocker x springer puppy nutter yesterday, lovely but loopy, and hanging off his ears, tail, jumping on his head and he was just great with him.

    Shame he still can’t walk to heel on a lead tho!!


    [quote author=Justine&Rafe link=topic=13511.msg258563#msg258563 date=1232750325]
    Shame he still can’t walk to heel on a lead tho!!

    Its a tough one to crack, believe me!!!  ::)


    I am certain that this board has helped save Rafe’s life and my sanity on more than one occasion!  Good to know am not alone with his little “issues”!!

    And am glad have persevered this long as he’s now actually quite a pleasant dog to be around!!  (Well, he always was lovely but often I’d want to throttle him!)


    tee hee 🙂

    once i’d got over the shock of him being double the size i expected and the ‘wrong’ colour i have to say he’s a really enjoyable dog to be with – we thought of you both today out on our walk !  i need him to tire out bonnie lol !!

    claire x


    The wrong colour indeed!!  😉

    He is the perfect colour for a flat-coat – brown body, blonde ears!!  Hee hee all you show folks are cursing me!!!  No, I don’t want to trim off that dead blonde hair on his ears, I like it just fine as it is!  Besides which he has no (shh, don’t tell him) *balls* so he can’t be a show dog anyhoo.

    Have been working on our “put mummy’s washing in the washing machine” trick, which I realised needed a complete review as all that happened was that my dirty jeans got quite drooly to boot.  So I took it back a stage and decided to go for “put the tennis ball in the bucket”.  AND coz Bev told me off for too much luring, decided to freeshape it.

    It has taken me WEEKS.  For a dog that is supposed to be pretty intelligent he just did NOT get it.  He’d take the ball to the bucket, look at the bucket, throw the ball OVER the bucket and stick his head IN the bucket.  But ball in bucket? No.

    Long and short is we did it!!  Now we’re going to work on putting the ball through a vertical hoop (a bit like the washing machine opening, eh!).  And in a few months’ time might make it on from there!!

    (And we did heel close sooooooo good today!!)  :butt:  :butt:  :butt:  ;D


    ;D 😀 Bless him. At least he didnt a) walk off with the bucket or b) try and get in the bucket  ;D Mine did both of those when I tried to teach them to put toys away  ;D They got there though… sort of  😀

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