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    Saw this – sound good if a bit expensive unless you have 4 – 5 dogs
    this is one of the question/answers on the site.

    How often should my pet be bathed?
    That will vary based on breed, but on average, every 2 – 4 week.  :what: Check with your veterinarian for specifics on your animals.

    Willow takes baths twice a year wither she needs one or not ;D


    😮 Dodger last one was only a few weeks ago but the time before that was almost a year if not longer!!! they obviously aren’t taking the GSD’s coat type into account in their 2-4 week estimate ::)


    2-4 weeks?!  😮 Do muddy puddles count? ;D  😀


    beau would keal over if he had to have a bath every 2 – 4 weeks he hates them! he has nice baths in the sea instead  :yes:


    I am proud to announce that Mr Rafeykles has never ever had a bath.

    He has had a good hosing when he has rolled in stinky fox poo, and we’ve got some nice smelling spray stuff (Quistel) for when he’s super stinky, but that’s all!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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