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    Dodger was almost always fed on the raw diet but I haven’t fully fed it to Uno before. He is used to raw mince, eggs, sardines ect but I just can’t get him to eat bones very well. He will happily lie for hours with a marrow bone cleaning it but try and give him a chicken wing and he faffs around with it like it’s burning his mouth. He picks it up then spits it out. Rips the meet off then just leaves it lying on the floor for one of the other dogs to pinch when hes done. Every time he builds up the courage to bite it as soon as it crunches he spits it back out! He is still currently on dry food but I am hoping to switch him over completely to raw but don’t know how to build his confidence with bones. do they have to have bones in their diet?

    I have tried holding it for him but he just licks it trys to bite it and then walks off!

    any ideas?



    hit it with a rolling pin to break the bone inside the skin…dunk in hot water to release flavours…stick some olive oil on it and let him get on with it…if he hungry he will eat…also to get a crossover dog used to raw meat you can hand feed between wings something like diced raw heart…morrisons have it on at a real good price at the moment…pigs heart at about 65p a 500gm pack…cubert loves raw heart…goes daft for it …just eaten his way through 1.5 kilo lol and now munching on a teeth cleaning bone…percy likes his half cooked … ::) percy will eat raw kidney…cubes likes his half cooked…  ::) but i dont faff…they eat or ami gets it and they starve…soon get the message.. 🙂 but yep…if feeding raw they do need aome bone…i go for 50/50…otherwise you need to give calcium…esp to a growing dog or a dog with weak bones…cheapest way is to give bone  🙂


    okay thanks Bev I will give it a go :ok:


    just another question on changing him over. how would you go about it? as you would if u were changing to another brand of dry food. mixing the two over 7-10 days?


    lol laura…me?? …balls in a bag? slow change  ? advise on a different one??  we out of touch toon long me thinks hun…

    nahhhh….faster off faster better…go for raw … 😉 save your money…save the dog  😉


    lol fair enough 😉

    I’ve never met such a pansy ass dog before! All four of the others go crazy over the raw stuff but Boone just isn’t interested in it at all……. Will give it a try, I’m sure he’ll get used to it :yes:


    well…if he knows i dont eat mum worried so will get something else…then… 😉
    he will not starve…they programmed not to starve…it your problem not his  :-*

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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