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    ok colin….and sorry to be at this point…

    it actually in simplistic terms real simple….

    to get val back…with her 11,000 ish posts…her wealth of knowledge, her off board emails and pms to posters not wanting to post, to give the members support throughout the night when dogs are ill, to have her bluntness and right to the core in the gut kick when a dog needs NOW then bev cuddy has to go…now…in my book it real simple..bev cuddy has posted however many posts of which 99% is promoting her commercial interests in one way or another…val actually let her in against her better judgement as she is banned off many other forums including breeder forums…but val put her personal feelings aside on the basis that she may have had something to offer the board…and remember this same woman has beardies and there is history there too…a personal breed for val and all the crap that bev cuddy kicked that way…

    there is the hurt re members that val had helped and now feels let down on but val is strong enough to come back and ignore that shite…it is bev cuddy that is the main block…so…if you/us want this board back to the balance we had then bev cuddy has to go…the bloody woman was on this track from the day she joined in MHO….she had a score to settle …

    so where we at ?


    Colin I really want Val back – I miss her so much on here, im lucky I have her right there at the end of an email – always, but I dont see why others should miss out on that sort of wisdom because of Cuddy  🙁


    I want Val back too, with Bev all the way!


    And me!

    You cant have one without the other.

    Cuddy wouldnt be missed


    OK, Ms Cuddy goes.

    I did get the impression that Ms Cuddy was the final straw from a host of things, but if that is what it will take to make her happy, then so be it.


    Ms Cuddy has now been banned.

    I have also found out something new.  In the Banned area, when you fill in the ‘Reason’ box, whatever you put in the reason box will be displayed to the person who has been banned.  As I have now found this out, I have modified a few of the ‘Reasons’ in the ban list.



    thank you, sincerely ….

    ok lasses….lets get that arse on it’s seat and those fancy nails on the keyboard…..and get this board back to what it is…the best educational and advice forum for dogs and owners anywhere… up and running ….has it has been

    when val comes back we all have a chat about how we as the individuals we are and not just mods cope with crap…and how we support each other so these sort of hurts and blow ups are minimalised….

    you 3 have been superstars…you all get a medal from me and a big thanks for holding on while i sent mam over the bridge…be proud of yourselves…life is a learning curve eh

    hugs to you all


    quote :

    lets get that arse on it’s seat and those fancy nails on the keyboard

    I cant wait till she reads that!  ;D

    Thank you SO much Colin – I think if all the members were honest they would rather have Val than Ms Cuddy  🙂

    Bev are you letting Val know shes gone?

    Im going to be popping in and out all day – week off now  :yes: but having a girly day of sorts with my best buddy, but will you tell Val I look forward to seeing her back asap!  ;D


    have emailed val..guess she at crufts, have called izz



    Can colin open her old account – or will she have to have a new one?


    to be honest not sure not been ther myself but i know mudgie did it so i guess there is a way

    maybe colin has emailed her….


    Woohoo here’s to getting back on track, thanks Collin  :-*

    We need a “jumping for joy” smilie  :yes:  ;D


    colin…how does val get back…does she have to re join and then you re-instate mod status…


    I have checked and Val deleted all her details, so a new account would be needed. As soon as she joins again I can add her as a Mod.

    Pastoral is Sunday, but I did not think she going this year.  I will have a look when I am there.

    I have not sent her any e-mails since she first left.  I did say if she wanted to return at any time, she would be more than welcome and left it at that.


    Thank you Colin!  ;D ;D ;D ;D

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 67 total)
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