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    Last Tuesday (18th Jan) I picked up a beautiful 5 year old Bichon frise who  I have named Poppy.
    I really do adore her so much, she is getting along fine with my neutered Toy poodle who is 2. And appears to slowly be settling in. She has taken a shine to me and follows me everywhere! Bless her, I even let her sleep with me or she cries (yes, she’s being spoilt rotten!).

    She is fantastic with her toiletting already! We had a small accident when she first entered the house, since then she has gone outside with my poodle every single time!! I really do love her and know that with some love and attention she will be a wonderful addition to my family.

    Anyway, we have got past the difficulty of going up and down the stairs and getting on the sofa bit. But, we are having problems with the walking on a lead thing at the moment. I tried a standard collar and lead, which she hated so I now have a harness for her. The problem I am having is that she point blank refuses to move, she just goes stiff and basically just drags her heels! I know this will take time, but is there any advice you could give me at all? as I really don’t know what to do for the best. I have tried praising her etc, but nothing is working at the moment. I just don’t want to get it so wrong that I scare her off for good! I would never shout or tell her off anyway. I know I probably sound very silly, but this is totally new to me as my poodle was 18 months old when I got him and although he had not been on a lead, he was more than happy to walk, he just zig zagged everywhere! I am just hoping you have some good ideas for me to try out.  :help:

    Thanks guys. xx


    Look in the sticky s section – puppy training /lead training age of dog no real difference just may be slower to pick it up 😉


    Better if she was on a collar as a harness can play hell with a BF coat.
    Did she come from a puppy farm?
    Go back to the being a puppy so put the collar and lead on in the house let her drag it about indoors before you start on the big wide world


    Hi Val, yes, I think she did come from a puppy farm in Wales!  :boooo:  So sad, she’s such a wonderful dog. Thanks for the advice about the harness, at the moment she is pretty bald as her fur was in such a state that the rescue kennels had to scalp her!!  :'(  I read on another site that I should try a harness. Anyway, I will try what you have advised for now and let you know how I get on. Wish me luck!! xx


    Poor little dear if she’s puppy farm then the world is going to frighten her so as I said go back to puppy, Carry her outside so that she gets used to sounds noise and smells and leave the collar and lead on at home,Not morning to night but for a few hours at a time.
    As a groomer I would suggest you find a good groomer and in a month go for a visit not for a cut but just to visit, I do two FP BF one was fine the other only had three legs and was a nighmare she is much better now but best to play meet the groomer after all she will have to be done for life

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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