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    for a couple of weeks stan has been getting a red eye, its not always there it comes and goes, but it is getting a bit more regular. hes also got a runny nose.
    could it just be hayfever or something and would piriton help?


    if you are worried about his eye you could try optrax eye drops, its the same stuff my friend fro proscribed for her doberman, and its cheaper than getting it from the vets.

    is the eye actually bothering him or is it just you who is getting concerned about it.

    from what im aware it is OK to give your dog piroton(i think that a hayfeaver medication, never used it myself so dont know)


    its not bothering him and im pretty sure its just hayfever or something as hes lost some hair on his nose aswell, was more of wondering what dosage of piriton to use


    not wanting to worry you but i would keep an eye on the hare loss on his nose as last year my friends labX started loosing hare on his nose and it then started to go red then started bleeding, turns out he had bee sniffing in an aria his owners hadn’t realized was recently sprayed with a pesticides or weed killer and that is what caused it.

    now another friend with a lab has experienced the same thing but it appears to be more serious. i have photos of both dogs .


    got a photo pf the eye and hairloss.

    try some brolene incase its an infection.


    Without seeing it its hard to tell but sometimes when Buddy is tired his eyes red, could it just be that do you think?


    thanks kendal but im pretty sure its not that seriouse ;D

    i can get a picture of the nose but the red eye will be a bit harder to get, whats brolene?

    i have given him some silenium the past few days just in case, but his full symptoms (on a very bad day) are:

    runny nose
    itchy nose/eyes
    red eye (always the same one but not always there)
    slight hair loss on the end of his nose
    weepy eyes (very occasionaly)

    ussualy only this bad on hot days and the day after we’ve been to my sisters (she has a cat). the reason i thought it might be hayfever or something is because i get the same symptoms and i suffer from hayfever and cat allergies


    brolene from the chemists

    have you tried antihistamines?


    not yet as wasnt sure on the dosage, and because i need to buy some

    will get some brolene aswell


    well honey has one tab a day so guessing two. Not sure to be honest id normally check with Val.


    i miss val :-\ i will try 2 and keep see how it goes


    seeing as both Bev and Val are back ;D ;D ;D i thought i would bump this so i can get the dosage checked


    Put him on five days antihistamines one in the morning and one at night lets see if it’s an allergy it’s the first day of summer today so all the alleries and itchy skins etc will be around


    thanks Val i will start that tomorrow ;D

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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