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    :'( thats beatiful and very true  🙁


    we had a 2 min silence at work..
    people were shopping and the place just went dead with people stopping and standing.
    they even had big ben chiming on the radio!


    That is beautiful Val – Wish i’d had that this morning – i’d have read it to the kids before the silence.x


    that  is beautifull :'( :'(


    the only stories i know of ww1 – my step great-grandad went off to fight when he was 15 (told them he was 18) – he came through – but have heard a story (passed down from him – I never knew him) of the sea being red with blood. think that was as far as any detail went. and gt-g’father – never said anything I know of about what he went through – bar the story my grandmother relates re: him being going to lose his leg and saving it by pouring a bottle of iodine in – again, i never knew him.

    my fear is that as it becomes more distant, people will forget… and when people forget things happen again….  :'( i loathe war as a concept – but the selflessness and bravery of those men…. just imagining what they went through…. they should always be honoured for it.

Viewing 5 posts - 31 through 35 (of 35 total)
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