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    well ive only got another 2days worth so will keep them and then see what the vet says on monday, just not very nice side effects :-\

    the only way i can think that stan got it was from eating cat/fox poop or grass as i dont let him near stagnent water


    Poor Stan, fingers crossed he’ll be fine  :-*

    HTH is “hope that helps”  🙂


    i would expect a vet to warn of side effects AND what to watch for !


    that was helpfull claire what you put, it just threw me the faact that i hadnt been told about the possible side effects


    yeah, sorry – i’d just assumed vets would have told you i didnt mean to scare anybody.  as kiz says it is most effective and i should also say panacur (now thought to be an alternative) also has its problems.

    i would keep with it and watch carefully 😉

    Claire x


    well now i know what the possible side effects are i know what to look out for 🙂


    ok the vet just rang me with the results:

    no camphy(thingy)
    no gardia

    so the panacur must have gotten rid of them ;D

    but he does have E-Coli :-\

    he said to leave it until the end of the week to see if the drugs he gave stan work or if he needs a different type of drug, he also asked me to ring and let him know how stan is towards the end of the week 🙂 hes a nice vet i like him ;D


    How does a dog pick that up?


    i dont know ??? the only way i can think of is from his raw feeding but bev or val will know


    I think it also comes from poo and being in contact with infected animals or water  🙂


    so he probly wouldnt have gotten it from raw feeding then?

    well stan had his last anti-bs on monday night and so far so good (fingers crossed)


    Not unless it was from infected meat and if it was bought as fit for humans you’d probs have heard of an outbreak id expect  :-\


    true and i have been eating the same meat as him and i trust the butcher i get it from

    i cant belive how much it costs to feed a dog on bagged stuff now-a-days 😮


    Figers crossed he’s ok now Kerrie  :-*


    does anyone know if the e-coli that stan has is transferable between dogs and humans

Viewing 15 posts - 151 through 165 (of 427 total)
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