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    no hun …way before that..chart the episodes…


    what his runny tum episoeds?


    ok runny tum episoeds: i am going by the posts that i have put

    Febuary:dont know date times

    1st june:
    3am,6:30am, 1:40pm very runny with a couple of lumps, light brown in coulor

    9th june:
    6am runny light brown, 7am with blood

    10th june
    7am still with blood
    First trip to vet

    june 12th:
    still blood in poos, no episoeds

    june 26th:

    july 11th:
    prelim poo test

    july 19th:
    was sick

    july 20th:
    three day course of panacur

    july 30th:
    12pm lots of blood

    july 31:
    10pm realy bad

    august 1st:
    2nd trip to vets, poo test done, changed onto burns bickies

    august 11th:
    e-coli result from poo sample

    august 21st:
    8:30am soft bit had a bit of blood

    his poo has always been soft since the start, when i changed him onto burns his poo went from a very light brown to a darker brown then today it went back to a very light brown with a bit of blood.


    should i stop taking him out with the bike until we can get his problem sorted ???


    Bless you and Stan Kerrie, I can’t advise on the dates and times etc but I know how frustrating and upseting this can be on a smaller scale with Toby’s skin, hope you get to the bottom of it soon,  :-* for you an lovely Stan x


    thankyou angela, its just infuriating when its all going so well and then he has a relapse. stan says thanks for the :-* ;D


    give me a couple of hours ….


    ok, thankyou bev for your help :-*


    you got 2 cycles going

    a 7 – 9 day and a 16 – 18 day


    ok so what does that mean? and how is the best way to get rid of it?



    i still going with the giardia at the moment….i think the possibility is that the  7 – 9 day is cyst stage and the 16 – 18 day is the trophozoites stage

    the problem is that it doesnt show up in every stool test…so you need to get samples done daily until you have 3 clear and then do that again in line with the cycle times…either that or worm again…

    if not that then the infection could have kicked in the colitis that is proving hard to heal….

    will go check out the e coli cycles….


    cysts can stick to the fur and skin of the animals. Make sure the dog is bathed and cleaned thoroughly with a mild shampoo

    so should i be bathing him regularly

    i will worm him again and see if that helps, although the vet did say that the fecal sample came back clear for worms but i will do it to be on the safe side.

    so is there anything i can do to help and support him until i hear from my insurance because i can not do the three day fecal samples without their backing


    also….e coli

    ‘Medications to avoid
    recovery rate from E. coli infections in 5 to 10 days without the need for medication. Antibiotics are not recommended. ‘

    has he had any urine problems? cysitis etc ?


    ‘Resistance to two or more of the antibiotics was found in 62% of the isolates. Conclusions from these data indicate that diseases caused by Salmonella and E. coli (such as diarrhea or urinary tract infections) should not be treated with clindamycin and ampicillin. These tests also point out the need to curb over-prescription of antibiotics to prevent selection of drug resistance.’


    i dont think he has, hes been peeing normaly, normal colour

    ‘Medications to avoid
    recovery rate from E. coli infections in 5 to 10 days without the need for medication. Antibiotics are not recommended. ‘

    so does that mean that they vet should have let me continue with anti-bs once he knew it was e-coli ???

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