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    He may have a bit of glass stuck between the pads. He probably feels it on the hard ground but the grass with be a cushion for him.  Hope he is ok soon


    i did check but couldnt feel anything


    It might be a splinter of glass that you can’t see but Stan can feel


    i will check again, do you think putting him in the bath and giving his foot a wash would help, if it is a splinter of glass or something


    I had thought a bath would help myself – it won’t do any harm I shouldn’t think


    Kerrie how is Stan’s poorly paw? is he still limping?


    Urgh meant to post on here the other day – brain like a seive!

    Kerrie, dont take this the wrong way ok – take it for what it is genuine concern and help  :ok:

    Was wondering, is it possible that with the after effects of stands giardia – that having commercial foods AND raw in same day is part of the problem? I know the two shouldnt be fed togehter due to digestion times anyway – so just a thought  :-\


    i think stans pulled a muscle so im keeping him on lead walks for a few days (hes not happy :death: ) then see what happens ;D

    suz i thought it was only a  :nono: feeding raw and comertial in the same meal?


    I am sure Sweetpye put a link up a while ago,saying it was safe to feed a mix of raw and commercial 🙂


    and im sure bev did say somthing about not in the same meal though, will go and have a look later ;D


    and im sure Val said – the rates it digest – commercial still sat in the tummy when the raws digesting – and i not saying it not ok to do so – just that maybe with stands problems it just a bit much? i dont know it was just something that crossed my mind? so maybe normally it wouldnt affect the dog but with stan?  :-\


    thats fare enough but i dont believe that the bones arre the problem in fact i am 90% sure it was something in the bread but will definatly bare that in mind 🙂

    stans not happy at the moment :-\ he is on bed rest for the next day or so as he has started limping again ::) the cause of witch will be in a thread on the training section ;D


    How can you be so sure it was the bread?


    because that was the only thing that he had eaten differant, he ate it on the saterday and went down on the monday lunchtime and because he has been fine since then


    stans having his blood test done on friday

    stan has a twisted toe nail on his back foot do you think that is what is causing his lameness?

Viewing 15 posts - 391 through 405 (of 427 total)
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