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    can i use the paste or granuels as no-one sells the tablets down here


    it’s all got the same drug in – would say the granules are probably going to be cheaper than the paste – just a question of getting the right dose.  :-*


    they are both pretty much the same price (couple of pence difference) i was just wondering wich one would be easiest to give to stan ;D


    which ever is easier to mix with food?? cos they both probably taste awful  😀


    dorain was wormed with panacur granules when he was a pup – he ate them mixed with food no probs. ditto duibh. neither of them has ever had the paste so  :-\ .


    stan was sick this morning :-\

    ok thanks i will get the granuals ;D


    what did he bring up? mine keep doing balls of grass (well i say keep – last time was dorain on thursday i think cos he had more tramadol). they love to stress us.  :-\


    it was his dinner from last night, i will be getting the panacure today so hopefully things will settle down soon


    hope so.  :-*


    ok i have the panacure now ;D and will give it to him in the morning


    i love google.  ;D

    found you this – and for anyone else who’s interested.  🙂

    edited to include link.  ::)


    so 3 day course of panacur – he will have fun.  ;D


    thanks for the link ;D

    [quote author=GSPmad link=topic=11869.msg231087#msg231087 date=1216485966]
    so 3 day course of panacur – he will have fun.  ;D

    huh ??? three day course? the guy at the pet shop told me to give it to him all in one go


    it’s different for normal worming and giardia – if you look down at the bottom of that link it tells you the dose for panacur for giardia.


    if you need more you might find it online cheaper than the pet shop. above site says free p&p i think.


    the link doesnt work for me :'(

    ive got two boxs of the stuff so it should be enough 🙂


    no doesnt want to work for me now either.

    if you got enough that’s fine.  ;D

    otherwise go to http://www.bestpetpharmacy.co.uk/

    and type panacur in the serach box.  ;D

Viewing 15 posts - 46 through 60 (of 427 total)
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