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    sure he’ll be fine sometimes takes a while to get things like this sorted, let us know what they say  🙂


    ok just got back from the vets:

    – another poo sample is being done
    – stan is on metronidazole, 2 tabs twice day

    i was going to change him onto JWB for a while but after speaking to bev im going to put him on burns for while instead

    the vet also said that he may be walking funny due to the fact that stan has lost a lot of weight and condition

    the vet doesnt want to do to much until the test comes back and he knows for definat what he is dealing with so we just have to wait now


    the waiting game ::) it’s alwasy the worst :-* ((hugs)) to stan :-*


    Did they do bloods  ???


    were they dont deal direct with the insurance i only had enough money to do one or the other so i went for the poo test first


    when i get the burns bickies can i mix them with a bit of chicken or something as stan doesnt realy eat bickies on their own


    Put some hot water on them it will bring out the smell


    I agree with Val, the Burns will swell up and get smelly, we get the chicken and rice one


    ok thanks i will do that ;D


    how long tl the results come back hun?


    they said that they probly wont be back until the start of next week or the end of this but as soon as i know i will let you know 🙂


    jeeze they take ages dont they  ::)


    its because i saw them on a friday but yes they do take ages 😀


    must be very frustrating, i know i was  😀 what are the tablets he’s on for?


    im sure the vet said that they were just anti-bs

    it is frustrating but hay ho theres nothing that can be done about it ;D

Viewing 15 posts - 121 through 135 (of 427 total)
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