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Right you lovely lot, we going natural

dogclub – Good dog food – Good for dogs Forums Dogs Dogs Right you lovely lot, we going natural

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    Thanks Bev, do you think a chick wing for breakie and some cooked chicken with a couple of those kinds of veg will given him the nutrients and nutritional value he needs?  Then cut out eggs and porky bones until we see if he OK on the above itchy skin allergy wise?


    Us again!  Toby has been off steroids and antibi for a week now and the itchy scratchy on his nose is back again.  As you know I wanted to feed naturally but were a bit clueless as to what to feed so unfortunately the carrots and odd egg have possibly not helped.  We are where we are though and so I am now feeding a chicken wing in the morning and cooked chicken with cooked cauliflower at teatime.  I’m planning to keep this very plain diet up for a few weeks if this sounds like a good plan in the hope his skin will settle again but I got a good few questions:

    1) We fed Chicken and Rice Burns and he was itchy then, contains rice, chicken, oats, peas, chicken oil, sunflower oil, seaweed, min and vits.  Don’t know if this is helpful because I can’t pin the itchy instances down to anything in particular so I think feeding chicken and cauli alone should give us an indication of whether this is indeed a food allergy.

    2) should I be getting some Piriton down him, or should we do the above food test first?  Just hate to see him scratching but it is at the early stages again so he’s not scrachted bald or raw yet.

    3) Vet recommended we stay on steroids and antibiotics, if these kept it under control for the last few weeks does this suggest anything at all about what it could be i.e. allergy, fungal, mites?

    4) We had a scrape for Dermodectic mange came back clear, vet wants to do another, I can’t decide as she thinks we should do a full skin biopsy too.  Am I missing something in terms of what this could be?  I’m not convinced we’ve eliminated anything yet, am tempted even to buy a new bed and blanket for instance in case of mites etc or am I just thinking about too much at once?  Do terriers generally have a predisposal to food allergies?  How commonly could this be mites?  Can’t see any fleas but could this be deceptive? 

    Sorry for a lot of questions but I don’t want it to go on for a week and then end up back at the vets to do the biopsy if there is really no need.


    it most likely the rice

    yes to the P

    vets do we said at the start..will deal with the now but not the long term

    i would not subject any dog of mine to a ful skin bi-op unless i had done ALL other options..if it was mites it would have been on the scrape

    this is a terrier allergy type condition in MHO…and it will be diet related IMH…and needs working through just as we did with honey

    and the chicken and cauli does not give all the nutrients required over 7 days

    hugs to the wee boyo  :-*


    Thanks Bev, will buy more Piriton, he is 6.7kg, can you advise on dosage please?

    What would you recommend we do re feeding as I want to make sure he gets what he needs whilst avoiding any likely things that setting it off.  Am glad it feels most likely an allergy to you too, just got that feeling about it and although it did come about whilst on Burns I suppose any other additional treat could have been setting it off then too if not rice as he hasn’t had rice for over a week now and it’s just flared up again?


    Angela I would suggest you get bev to do you a diet for Toby ok – if you ask nicely am sure she will………

    I also suggest you go back and read all the topics on Honey – will be lots of advice there. I cant remember what i was feeding her in all – but I gave wheat free pasta at that time, lentils too occasionally………ahh and turkey too cos I knew she was ok with that….. she was also getting fish as i knew she was ok with that too.


    Thanks Suz, will have another look through Honey’s threads and PM Bev tonight, am a worry wart but it feels justifiable because I want to avoid him going totally bald again on his little nose and he really goes for it when he gets scratching

Viewing 6 posts - 76 through 81 (of 81 total)
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