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    I have one week to teach nooch to roll over – been set the task  ;D

    I can get him easily into down – he all but throws himself on the floor – he will work hard for treats – food fixated like his parents  ;D  :educated:

    So how would you go about it – or if your dog can already do it – how did you teach it  ;D

    I have idea in my head but just want to see what others say – and lets not wait on bev  ::) until we are all totally sure we are wrong  ;D


    you have gagged me  😛 :gum: :gum: :gum:

    so if you all wrong then  :butt: :butt: :butt: :whistle:


    Well this is how I trained it.

    I taught my dog down first, ala sphinx
    I then taught flat ie laying on side with head on floor
    I then took a treat and put in front of the nose and then lured by moving the treat down to elbow and then moved it over towards floor

    Once the dog did this several times on either side I added the cue from the flat position.

    If you want to train the roll over from the stand or sit then you need to chain each behaviour into a sequence.



    I did it with horse stunt riding in mind!  😀 When horses fall in the movies, the person riding pulls the head round to one side and they lose balance and can fall safely.  So with Izzy i just lured her nose round to her back and she flipped over for the treat!  Once she got it, its all legs flipping frantic, like OMG i can do it!  😀

    Member lured…. 😀

    guess puppy stage then  🙂

    tickletumswedotickletumsticklesideoverovertickletumstickleotherside   😀 clumsies


    Yes I would never want the dog go fall over……………  :help:


    …clumbers hit hard when they fall over  ;D


    dont want him to fall down – he gets into enough bother as it is – so lying flat – that is the big one  ;D

    yep i thought lure and reward would be best way  😉


    Wait, does everyone think i make izzy collapse or summat?!  ::)  😀  I omitted to add she’s already in a down  ::) ::) :gum:


    hannah has been teaching beau to roll over for about a year now, i have a perfect roll onto back from a down  ;D


    I taught Trixie to ‘roll over’ from a flat, and every now and again she rolls over when she supposed to be doing a flat ::) :whistle: :whistle:


    you will prob find he prefers to go one way more than the other so just practice the side he naturaly leans towards (if tht makes sense  ??? :D)  ;D


    yep…and jess

    well she just…rolls over …lifts leg ….sniff this..easy to trap  ;D


    want me to try to video Obster

    wont be easy though


    yes pwease  ;D

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 23 total)
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