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    Recoognized by FCI since 2005, this breed is pure Romanian.The origin of romanian carpathian dogs is rooted deep in the history of our country. The oldest images about “Romanian Baracul” (the popular name of the carpathian mioritic breed) is just as old as the roman column of the emperor Trajan – the historic monument from Rome – Italy, where images are carved, showing the fights between the romans and dacs, the dacs being helped in fight by these carpathian dogs with beard.

        In the settlements around Bucharest dating since forth-fift century, this dog was used for hunting and by sheperds.
        His agilities, resistance and force result from an extraordinary power to adapt to the surrounding conditions, the dog being very efficient to search, find and fight with predators.
    In 1934 the magazine “Veterinary Science” published an article signed by Dr. Radulescu Calafat where is worth to mention a top standard project wich shows that “is worth to remind the huge eforts and dedication of the society for the improvement of this canine breed, since 1928”.
        We also know that the peasant hunters living in the Carpathian mountains were using this dog for the big game, especialy wild pigs and bears – dogs wich were spotted with dark spots agains a white background.
        These dogs are also quoted in the the famous “Miorita”, the best known Romanian popular poem – ballad.
        With these dogs our lives become more generous.
    I recommend it as being an excellent herding dog, incorruptible guardian and marvellous companion.
    CLASSIFICATION F.C.I. : Group 1 Sheepdogs and Cattle Dogs (except Swiss Cattle Dogs).
    See for yourself my


    do they have large sheep in romania – i just wondered as these are HUGE dogs !

    site is well worth a look – really gorgeous dogs !


    News about the breed and results in internatinal and national dog shows!
    As about the breed, I invite you see and read on the kennel site – a large number of dogs populated Europe and America  – see by yourself, e.g
    Be kind and include the breed in your list of breeds as being included as well in FCI list.
    Many thanks in advance!
    For anybody who might want further details, feel free to ask!I am here, to answer and to share my experience with this wonderful breed: Mioritic Romanesc.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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