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    Saw that, poor dogs – they were only trying to defend him. Surely they could have just darted them to knock them out.


    I know, but the police are so scared of rotties, did anyone see that traffic cops episode when they found a stray rottie?  It was ridiculous, they were so scared trying to get him in the car, he wasn’t even being nasty!  Then that arsehole of a vet nurse wrestling him and yelling at him, i was incensed!!!!  >:( >:(


    What people don’t understand, they are scared of. Most kids aren’t brought up to understand dogs so things can get worse 🙁


    those poor dogs :'( its sickening, they were just defending that guy, they didnt know those people were there to help


    i saw that foxy – i too was screaming at the TV !!!

    its so sad 🙁  even tho i had to explain to my little boy that the big male dobermann he stroked about a dozen times a week has died i am really glad he had that experience to be up close with him so little – before i came on here and learned about dobermanns from the owners on here i would never have been confident enough to let him near one (obviously i did ask the owner still tho).

    its stories like this that really hurt the police reputation 🙁 


    1 None of us were there
    2 Everyone is entitled to an opinion, even an uninformed one
    3 the police do not carry darts for sedating dogs
    4 if they waited for a vet it could take up valuable time
    5 even when darted it takes time for a dog to be sedated
    6 there are some dogs (and I have met some of them) which are so “civil” that the owner WOULD die because no one could get near the owner or the dog.
    7 it has nothing to do with “breed” it is to do with risk assessment which takes into consideration the hazards posed to the owner, the police and anyone else.
    8 easy to throw stones until and unless you have been in this exact situation

    sorry but it is very easy to get “outraged” about stuff even when you are not in full possession of the facts.


    point taken and would love to know more like – why tasar one and shoot the other ?


    It may be that only one armed officer was in attendance whereas many officers are authorised to carry Tasers and the positioning of the dogs and the officers dictated the use of either or both weapon.


    from what i have read in local papers and responses from locals, there was only 1 dog protecting the man and the other running around the area, i assume that a few policepeople went after the loose dog whilst the armed policeperson stayed with the man and the dog acting agressive.


    this story just sounds very sad 🙁 

    the one foxy was referring to was just plain rediculous !!  in that case the poor dog did nothing to make them fear it it was just a fairly large rottie and needed to be caught so it didnt wander into the road and hurt someone / get hurt.  they got the dog – they just fannied about a bit because it was a rottie and they were frightened of it.


    Actually if I remember correctly this particular rottie that you are referring to was suspected to have kennel cough hence why the police dog handler did not want it in his van (quite rightly as then this piece of police equipment would be out of action for several weeks if it caught KC and it is WE the tax payers that fund police dogs).

    Therefore they waited until getting it to a vet for a check up.

    Whatever your thoughts on individual dogs the facts remain that there are not an infinite number of homes for dogs out there, still fewer for Rotties and fewer still for problem dogs.

    In my view better being PTS than being kept alive forever in somewhere like the Dogs Trust eg the equivalent of a prison!


    [quote author=Sweetypye link=topic=13902.msg263459#msg263459 date=1237219964]
    In my view better being PTS than being kept alive forever in somewhere like the Dogs Trust eg the equivalent of a prison!

    i agree with you on that bit but it isnt how the general public see it, all they see is a dangerouse rottie being killed and that kind of publicity is damaging for the breed.


    Unfortunately the general public believe a lot of things, like you cannot get pregnant the first time…………


    i know that, the human race wil pretty much believe anything :-\ 😀

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