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    from DOG WORLD.
    A Rottweiler has helped rescue a two year old boy who was being mauled by a pit bull.
    The pit bull attacked Tshepang Taeli as he walked with his grandmother in Oakdene, South Africa, and dragged the toddler down the road.
    It would not let go, despite being kicked and beaten by residents. Ricky Veludo then fetched his Rottweiler Blade. He fought the other dog to free the boy. Blade is very protective “Mr Veludo said.
    The boy is in Hospital recovering from bites to his face,legs and stomach.


    nice to hear a bit of good press about Rotties, that story should be sent to the national newspapers, but I wonder of they’d print it!


    yes it’s nice to hear a good story about Rotts  :happy:


    I hope nobody reads this and copies the idea………………………………. :death:


    hmmm me too SP………but am glad the little boys ok xx

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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