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    so back home…after the journey from hell..c&c… hope the girlie was ok when you got back..was worried about her as i knew she would miss loulou…they had BIG fun… :agree:

    and now the shite starts…was evident from when i got in that samtoo had gone down hill real fast…and yep ..he a git but he our git and we love him..there are days when i don’t like him but …we do what we do and we take these boy’s on and we give them the best last days of their lives be it 3 days 3 months or 3 years…it what we do…at the moment Mo is saying ‘I cannot do anymore’ heyho we will see …..afterall if we don’t who will…..but more importantly to me anyhow at this time…he is Mo’s git..and it been a coming and she been in her usual denial process…but i was greeted with ‘it time…he has told me…’

    so tomorrow…as long as the bestest vet ever is on duty i will take him because this pts is going to be a nightmare and i dont want my Mo exposed to what i know what a pts at it’s worse can be like ..and if Hugh isnt then it will be when he next available…I or we depending on Mo’s strength …but i would rather go alone…will take him to the bridge… no other vet is going to do this, he may be a git but he has given us these years and…well it is what we do….

    so…thoughts and prayers for my Mo..she tolerates me and what i do and what i bring home…she then loves and gives more than anyone i have ever known…she take’s my crap, other’s crap, copes with long absences from me, always has a hot meal waiting when i get back and a cuddle when life is shite and also copes with her own emotions and pain when the going get tough for her….i could not do what i do if she wasnt there….so a prayer for them both eh?  thanks folk…you a good crowd x

    might not be on good  :-*


    thinking of you.

    hugs to mo.


    bev  :'( be thinking about ALL of you today, and extra hugs to MO – shes a special lady xxxx


    Will be thinking of you both, minpins sind hugs for you all  :-*


    Oh Bev we are all here for you both  :'(


    My thoughts are with you both  :'(


    Hugs to you both



    Mo sounds wonderful, its so good that you have each other.  xx


    Oh Bev, so sorry… keeping you all in our thoughts  :-*  :-*


    So sorry to hear your news, my thoughts are with you and your loved ones.



    So very, very sorry, Bev.  Always such a hard thing to do, and a very caring one.  My thoughts are with you all.


    Hope for all your sakes his road to the bridge is a quiet and peaceful one, all my sympathy to you and to Mo :-*


    oh bev im so sorry :'( , hugs to you all and the best of wishes. may he go peacfully :-*


    i’m so sorry Bev :'( i still don’t know how you can go through this so often so i’m sending my thoughts and hugs to you both :'( :-*



    :-* :-*

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)
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