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    The friends of wandle park and the council are doing an event in the park, this includes a dog show.

    Saturday 6th June

    Wandle Park in Croydon

    Starting 10am till 5pm

    Activities include:
    Games for dogs
    Rescue stalls
    Skate park event with celebrity skaters / BMX riders
    Farmers Market
    Storyteller for Children
    Refreshments / Barbecue
    Dr Bike display
    Waddons Got Tallent competion,-0.112352&spn=0.010166,0.022209&z=16

    I have been asked to post on here as there are spaces available for any rescues who  may be interested in attending, email; [email protected]


    Hi there

    I have cross-posted this on our Rescue Remedies Forum to see if there is anyone who can run a stall for us.  Many thanks for the information ;D


    Just to add that stalls for Rescues are free

    I also got this email explaining a bit more about the event!

    The event is part of the Wandle Valley Festival which has events happening along the route of the river Wandle in South London across 2 days. Wandle Park in Croydon is at the source of the river and we are holding an event in the park on the Saturday the 6th of June from 10 – 5. the event is basically “let’s get loads of things in the park for people to do!”

    Last year was the first year we held the event and had a massive turnout on a wonderful day, You can view photographs of the event at:

    This year the event is more organised with lots of events and stalls in the park including:

    A skate park event with competition and celebrity riders / skaters.


    Farmers / Fair Trade Market

    Waddon’s got talent completion


    Photography Exhibition

    Dr Bike session


    Gun Dog Display

    Agility equipment

    Dog Charities

    Cat Charities

    The event will be well publicised in the local press, flyers, banners and posters.

    As the park users are mostly dog walkers, I am determined to make sure that dogs are well represented at the event! All of the stalls in the market are paying to be at the event, but as Chairman of the friend (Who are the primary source of funding for the event), I am keen that good causes get a place for free, to that end, there are no costs involved for you. The council will need to see a risk assessment and any insurance certificate for any activities you want to do in the park. You will be expected to be set up in time for the opening and there is no vehicle movement on site until the end of the event at 5. You are welcome to park a car / van with your stall. We will need to know how much space you will need allocated.

    As the event is primarily an event organised by the Friends of Wandle Park and the council, we are keen that the Friends group are the primary fundraisers at the event, to this end we will be going round collecting donations, we do not mind you asking for donations on your stand or selling goods to raise funds form a stand.


    bumping this up as it is tomorrow

    I will be there on the ESSW stand with Jess, Livia and possibly Trixie too, if you come, come and say hello  :ok:

    Bonnie K

    Thank you so much for such excellent update on your blog about the valley festival. The people who are looking for the event to join they have to contribute. Keep it up to share proofreaders uk updates for the public hope the update would be supportive.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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