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    Gypsy is a slim dog, and a healthy dog, but i would really like to put just the tiniest bit  of fat on her. as i just feel she is too thin and could do with it. she never ate much when she was on dry but now she is on raw she clears her bowl every time.
    i understand that she has probably ju taken on more of the poodle from her dad meaning that she is naturally slim. but the other two have just the right laire on them with out making them fat, and i would like a bit more on her.

    i have been reading up on foods that put wait on your dog and i found satin balls, apparently used for show dogs before a show. has anyone got any experience with these, or would you recommend them.


    10 pounds hamburger meat [the cheapest kind]
    1 lg. box of Total cereal
    1 lg. box oatmeal
    1 jar of wheat germ
    1 1/4 cup veg oil
    1 1/4 cup of unsulfured molasses
    10 raw eggs AND shells
    10 envelopes of unflavored gelatin
    pinch of salt

    Mix all ingredients together, much like you would a meatloaf.

    Divide into 10 quart freezer bags and freeze.

    Thaw as needed and feed raw!

    taken from this site but i have found variation on other sites


    id just add a bit of tripe personally but then i cant be doing faffing around with all that lot lol! but if shes clearing her bowl could you not up her food a bit?


    she is up to a pound of meat a day, a verity of different meets, tripe is he fave. then either ribs, wings neck or backs

    i did try upping it more but she is not a greedy dog and will eat her fill, and leave the extra.

    im not overly concerned, as she is still running about and play, i think it just me, or maybe it my mum that has put it in my head.

    is it possibly she just has a high metabolism, i know some people like that, doesn’t matter what they eat they don’t put on a stone.

    just waiting to know if anyone had heard off this stuff and if it was any good.


    hmmm  got a pic? if shes eating her fill then i say unless shes skin and bones dont try and put extra weight on ……….


    Satin ball are very American, if she’s fit and happy then I would leave well alone, I would use Tripe if I had a skinny dog thats what breeders use in the UK seem to work for them I have never had the problem.
    It’s always a guessing game with cross breeds and rescues


    its not so much seeing her visually skinnier than the others, she is smaller than Inca in hight and has a slimmer frame.

    it just when you feel her, i feel her ribs more than on the other two, but they don’t stick out as if she is massively under weight or malnourished.

    she lost weight after her first stint in kennels for 5 days, as she didn’t eat much, i think she gets stressed in kennels, as she was in for the second time when we went to crufts but only for two night and although she At fine this time  she was still a bit quiet and a little shy.(the other two ran about like nuters when out in the grass run)

    any way after she lost that weight i have never been able to put it back on her and that was about a year and a half ago.  but in saying that the vet has never said that she thinks she is to thin.

    i think i might just be over worrying, for the past two years since getting the girls i have been concerned about them getting fat, and now i have switched to the polar polar opposite, i am now concerned about them being to skinny.


    what type of meats are you giving her…whats the fat ratio….


    why is salt needed?


    Because it American  :yes:

    [quote author=xtine link=topic=13880.msg263219#msg263219 date=1237064457]
    why is salt needed?

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