Second surgery for Doug :(

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    Evening all…

    Just need a few fingers crossed for Doug as he is going in for second surgery tomorrow. He went for his one month check up today and it seems he has snapped one of the screws in half. I have no idea how he has managed this but it’s happened. The surgeon has to operate again on him tomorrow, removing the snapped screw and replacing it with two pins instead…

    Feel so  :'( at the moment… just want him better but it feels like he is having such a battle  :'(

    Fingers crossed for Doug

    Thanks everyone  :ok:


    Fingers crossed here  :ok:

    Sarah Jane

    Hi anyone know how Doug did today?
    Been thinking of them all day hope everythings ok  :yes:


    Hey Sarah!

    Sorry i had a crazy day yesterday i was there all day. He is out and back home and the op was a success. The surgeon has said that i need to stop him from running, jumping etc. Probably the same kind of things they said about your Teddie. I feel so sorry for him. Im putting him in a crate at night which he is most unhappy about but needs to be done. I’m so worried that he will do it again. Even wheni take him for a short walk he wants to run. The surgeon has told me not to let him do this but you know what its like they’re very lively arent they?

    I just feel like this has set us back so much but it is what it is i guess. Just got to try and get him better asap  :yes:

    Hope you’re ok? I will PM you now  😉 xxx

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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