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    about Honey  ::) yup latest – shes lost a front tooth and pretty sure one of the others knocked it out ( to be specific a certain SPANIEL!!!) she started pawing her face and i thought urgh her eye – then we noticed shes now miss gappy  :yes:  looks a bit sore and has ruined her perfect smile but otherwise all fine  ::)


    Poor Diva  🙁

    Bet it doesnt spoil her looks though  :-*


    Awww bless her  :-* she still gawwjuss though  ;D


    Oh No the Diva with a gap  :order:


    Oh shes still gorgeous  -gorgeous and gappy  😀 all looks fine today though – and realised its the tooth she knocked on top of my friends chihuahua a while back – it bled at the time but obviously did more damage than i realised. Most of you know the story but for those who dont – he tried to take a biscuit and she swung round to tell him off – hitting her jaw on top of his head – fractured his skull so was a hard hit  😮  :-*


    Mmmmm Diva with attitude.. ;D ;D ;D

    What a gal!  :agree:

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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