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    Just wondering, has anyone on here been to an Ian Dunbar seminar? If so how was it? Thinking of going to one in Septemebr in  Dublin 🙂


    Ian Dunbar (the ‘godfather’ of positive puppy training) is a great speaker: funny, intelligent, very charismatic and does great dog impressions (his Jack Russell is a classic)!  I’ve heard him speak many, many times.  I always pick up some new idea and fresh inspiration from him and come home with aching sides from laughing so much.

    He did say recently that he wouldn’t be doing anymore talks outside the US (except for his annual jaunt to the Bahamas) so I don’t know how Lisa & Tara managed to persuade him to come to Ireland.  If you get the chance, go!


    ;D sounds fab. Yes he is doing a weekend seminar at end of September in Dublin. I had also heard that its very rare now a days to see him outside the USA. Cant wait!!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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