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setting up a dog walking group

dogclub – Good dog food – Good for dogs Forums Dogs Dog Walking Groups setting up a dog walking group

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    i am thinking about setting up a dog walking group but i dont know how i should be going about it. if anyone has any information on how to go about it then please let me know ;D


    kerrie your on the IOW arnt you? sorry i dont have any help i was just wondering…….


    hi suz yes im on the Isle of Wight
    its just i keep bumping into people out walking and sometimes we stop and have a chat but i thought it would be nice get dog lovers/owners together even if only to take the dogs for a walk and have a bit of a natter ;D


    I only asked cos your not far from me – just outside portsmouth, if your ever this way Honey would love to meet stan – or at some point im going to be tryingto go over there, about some spaniel grooming im going to try anyway  ;D sorry for hijacking your thread!!!


    thats ok i will let you hijack ;D
    stan would love to meet honey ;D although the licklyhood of me getting of this rock is nill to none at the moment, its costs nearly £90 just for a 1 day return trip with a car 😮 because of the feul rise.
    but stan and i would love to meet you and honey if we / you come over ;D

    waving to you from accross the water 😀


    can i bring honey on the ferry no car? what about the hovercraft? i never been to IOW before so I dont know  lol!!mind guess id need my car the other end………..


    oh i believe its cheaper coming over here then it is for us to get off.
    dogs are aloud as foot passengers on the ferries, not sure about the hover though. definatly would bring a car though the bus’ cost a fortune

    would you just be over for the day?


    yeah just the day id think – i know of someone over there who show spaniels im going to ask her nicely if she will give me some pointers if i came over for a bit……will have a look into it see how much it costs!!


    if your coming for the day then i dont mind running you around, save you a bit on ferry fair ;D


    awww ok – right well even if I dont see the spaniel lady can still stay for the day!! will find the price, my car can stay at southsea or wherever then  ;D wont be for a good few weeks, probably a monday when ive booked a day off  ;D


    sounds good ;D

    right back to busness 😀 ;D (sorry didnt mean to sound rude ;D ) i know of 2 people already who are up for a walking group and i was thinking of putting a post on the website to see how much interest i get but is it as simple as getting people together or is there anything else that needs to be taken into account

    edited to say – would have to make sure we had cameras or the others would never forgive us 🙂


    Think it depends – if its just along the lines of ‘group of friends’ meeting for a walk – then i dont think so…………but im really not sure  :-\


    i was just thinking along the lines of would i have to make sure dogs were insured, healthy etc just incase something was to happen


    I not sure  ??? I guess if the whole lot of you trampled a farmers crop then yeah insurance might be a good thing – but i should think common sense should keep you out of troublee, and it down to each individual person to ensure their dog isnt a hazard?


    true so i might just put a post out and see what people think

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 79 total)
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