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setting up a dog walking group

dogclub – Good dog food – Good for dogs Forums Dogs Dog Walking Groups setting up a dog walking group

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    yep where you going to post it?


    i ws going to post it on wightbay and via word of mouth


    best of luck let me know how it goes  :-*


    will do  🙂


    how does this add sound:

    hi i was thinking about starting a dog walking group in sandown. a dog walking group is were a group of dog owners get together and take the dogs out and have a good old natter 🙂 this is good socialisation for the dogs and it is good for the people to make new friends and get fit. i have a couple of people interested already so i have put this add on to see how mutch more interest i would get. if you are interested or know someone who is/would be interested then please send me a message


    sounds good to me!


    good ;D right going to post it now


    [quote author=SuzAndTheDiva link=topic=11719.msg222371#msg222371 date=1213188621]
    can i bring honey on the ferry no car? what about the hovercraft? i never been to IOW before so I dont know  lol!!mind guess id need my car the other end………..

    haven’t read to end – but def took dorain over as foot passenger on ferry when staying in new forest few years ago.  🙂

    and sure we went on buses.  :-\ or marginally sure.


    [quote author=SuzAndTheDiva link=topic=11719.msg222373#msg222373 date=1213189086]
    yeah just the day id think – i know of someone over there who show spaniels im going to ask her nicely if she will give me some pointers if i came over for a bit……will have a look into it see how much it costs!!

    sorry but can’t resist this one… how you going to get pointers if she only has spaniels?  😀

    re: walking groups, was just wondering about insurance, not something i’ve ever been involved with – but society is so b****y litigious today you might need some sort of ‘at your own risk’ thing to clarify you aren’t responsible for everyone else and their dogs. no idea re wording sorry, am clueless on legal stuff…


    i had wondered about that. so if thats the case then should i get something written up and get them to sign it then saying somthing along those lines or just put it on the add


    not sure i’m afraid – think izzie might know a bit about legal stuff?  :-\


    think i might pm her to have a look 🙂


    Ok, before you all ask, nope not an expert on legal stuff- its just bits of random info I have picked up over the years but….

    If you are looking to start up a local dog walking group to meet once a week/month, etc.

    You wont need insurance- as you are just literally walking the dogs, with friends.

    If it were a staged show, etc – such as a companion show – where members of the public are paying a fee to join then you would have to get insurance- public liability insurance.

    the best way to go about it Kerrie is to start chatting to people, and arrange to meet up for a walk in the week , you will soon find yourself surrounded with people looking for another person to walk with!  😉



    thanks izzie ;D ;D


    HTH ???

    well i have speken to a few people and they up for it and ive put a post on my local website so will have to wait and see what happens 🙂

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 79 total)
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