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    To avoid hijacking anymore of CJ’s posts … I have created a sheepdog thread !

    I had in the back of my mind that colliewobbles did a sheepdog course but cant find it on their website so off to look for the e-mail.  There are several courses if you google just take care to pick a R+ one 😉

    Claire x


    hmm …

    it was colliewobbles

    not sure if i have just missed it or they have only just got back from WT comp so it might have been stopped while they were away. 

    if they still do it you can take your own dog or use one of their dogs (they have tons and live on a sheep farm).

    Claire x


    thanks just need to look around there are loads in my area but i always have this first instince of if they are local prob not great …cos i’m a bit of a pesamist lol

    anyway once i have checked that i can do this as one of my discipline choices i shall start looking properly, want to make sure i can take beau at some point as alot say only use their dog, which can only take you so far, ok can learn with their dog and gradually teach beau each cue, but at some point i’m gonna need to get him into a field with sheep  :yes: and hopefully an experienced doggy that he’ll learn from too  ;D just think he looks so stunning when he’s out in the fields sat or laying or stood waiting all the long grass billowing around him he looks so natural  :yes:



    i think it depends on the approach you want – there are definately other places you can take your dog and work them on a few ewes that are used to novice dogs etc…  that use positive methods.

    with the pressure of sheep farming bringing ever fewer rewards – sheepdog holidays are a bit of a growing market.

    also another thing which might be relevant / interesting for you is that BCR do “working holidays” at rescue HQ you’d get to see why dogs come in, what kind of issues they have and how they go about the homing process and of course cuddle / exercise / generally be in luuurve 🙂

    Claire x


    yeah i remember reading about those i spent alot of time on the bc rescue pages after getting beau  :yes:


    I’ve thought of doing this with my boy too.  Received mixed messages when I asked people if it would be a good idea or not.  Some say it would give him an outlet for his instinctive drive, help him to focus, help me with my control and be good fun.  Others say once you awaken that instinct there’s no going back, it would be unfair to let him try it if he’s not going to it regularly, it’s not a good to thing to encourage a behaviour which it some instances you’re trying to discourage (ie cars). Confused I am, yes. :confused:



    well you wouldn’t be able to get very far with your training if you didn’t have complete control over your tai as thats too risky for the sheepsies…..sooooooooooo you kinda wouldn’t be working sheep until well trained and once well trained you’d have control over the cars etc as for the not fair if you are not going to do it regularly, whats regularly?



    i think you mean drive not instinct 🙂

    also – (bearing in mind this is a pet dog and not a bred sheepdog) i wouldnt put her near sheep without an ultra ultra reliable “leaveit” and “recall”

    why? because livestock are valuable and they arent mine 🙂

    however a shepherd may run a pup out with mum having only the alliometric conditioning and mum’s communication skills to guide it.  tho in this case you will get a “mothers dog” ie – if mum grips hard, pup will too so you would need to evaluate the risk, perhaps you would use mum for distance work and train close work for example to train out the fault – i guess as you dont want stock injured by bitey dawgs.


Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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