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    Title ok?
    Thought I’d leave it open so that everyone who wins at shows can post in here rather than it be just for one dog and have loads of different threads going on, enough waffling!

    My Kodi
    started showing at 8 months old(probably) bit too late really, but…winnings to date are
    Open Shows
    2 RBOB
    2nd in RBOB Stakes
    1 Best Puppy in Breed
    10 1st
    7 2nd
    9 3rd
    3 Reserve
    2 VHC

    Champ Shows  have only done 3 so far
    Unplaced at Windsor 2007 (1st Champ Show)
    2nd at SEEDC 2008 (her biggest achievement beating 13 other Dobe bitches) ;D
    VHC at 3 Counties    2008
    Reserve at Windsor   2008
    3rd at Bournemouth  2008
    1st at Richmond pgb
    have 2 more Champs lined up for this year
    Qualified for Crufts 2009

    Companion Shows
    We do very well at these
    10 Best in Shows
    16 2nd
    10 3rd
    3 4th

    Her & Dex have quite a few Rosettes from Novelty classes too, Dex has about 10 Most Handsomes(of course) 😉 and she has prettiest Bitch  ones, last night at Ringcraft she even got a 1st for the Best Sausage Catcher 😀

    Couple of pics of her ‘Stash’

    Minus 1 cos I had to give it back
    [img width=468 height=351][/img]

    I need a bigger cabinet!
    [img width=351 height=468][/img]


    wow look at all those wins!!! well done the two of you and i love the second pic! you certainly need a big cabinet ;D ;D


    :-* You’re both doing really well  ;D How many rosettes in that cabinet?  😀


    damm matthews took the camera to take pictures of soil  :-\ when he gets back i’ll take some pictures of the rossettes in the front room

    Brock did really well at the agility show this weekend
    2 x 4ths one 2nd and a 6th

    UHHHH and a couple of weeks ago Meg and Oban got a 3rd in starters at Barnard Castle – it was Obans first comp and he ran really well (although he ran awfull at training the following week  >:D)

    also we have 1 trophy for a best rescue at a PDSA dog show  😀
    and some others from novelty classes that i havent a clue what they are from

    uhhh found a 3rd for Cleos Obedience class


    [quote author=*Nat* link=topic=11901.msg227691#msg227691 date=1214907759]
    :-* You’re both doing really well  ;D How many rosettes in that cabinet?  😀

    Too many Nat, have some in a box upstairs aswell!

    Well done Brock  :-*Wags I bet your front room is full! 😀


    wooo well done oban! :-* can’t wait to see some of your rosettes! i remember seeing a picture of them a while back ;D


    [quote author=jaydex link=topic=11901.msg227695#msg227695 date=1214907986]
    Well done Brock  :-*Wags I bet your front room is full! 😀

    i give them away to charity at the end of the season so i only have up what we win in a season so theres not that many (71 just counted round :-\)


    well had to put up dodger in here lol bless him

    at his very first show he came 1st best young handler and then later on came 3rd best in show.
    he’s had best condition 2 times
    best puppy twice
    2nd best puppy once
    most handsome dog once
    and came reserve(4th) at northumberland county show his first real pedigree show ;D

    here’s him back home after his first show
    [img width=351 height=468][/img]


    aw cute piccie :-*


    awwwwwwwwwwww how cute is he


    Leoti has   26 1st places
                    7  2nd places
                    3   3rd places
                     2   4th places
            4 Best puppy in Breed
            7 Best of Breeds
            4 3rd groups
         plus  2 cruft qualifer  2008/2009     in 16 months of showing i think thats not bad


    Well Done to all
    Me I haven’t a clue where or what we have done  ;D we usually get the red ones rare day with seconds and Mel has never been under that.
    As for rosettes I only keep the green and white ones from the KC  ;D ;D  BOB, group placings, breed shows and BIS
    The rest I give away to local rescues


    Well done everyone  ;D  ;D

    Obviously Honey cant beat that but actually she does quite well at the companion shows – embarassingly she does better when Lisa girl Eleanor takes her in than when I do  😀


    my feeble attempts at taking a picture of Brock with his rossettes – yes it is a down and yes it is a stay but its a) upside down and b) you look dead

    [img width=468 height=351][/img]

    [img width=468 height=351][/img]

    agility rossettes

    [img width=468 height=351][/img]

    flyball rossettes

    [img width=468 height=351][/img]

    [img width=468 height=351][/img]


    Wags I seen a dog that reminded me of Brock somewhere looking for a home………..

    And bless him that first pic is great!  ;D 😀

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