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    she was waiting for a haircut here – how impressed does she look  ;D

    and after her haircut – she has lost some weight – though not suprising  :-\


    aww i love the first pic :-* 😀

    she always looks soooo pretty after her haircut :-*  :yes:


    :-*  :-* beautiful

    How’s the eating?


    well she ate a bowl of fish for tea – which is her fave but shes hungry then reluctant – i dunno maybe its a tooth will see if the vet can see something i cant…hard to think its a tooth when shes polishing of a solid pork rib.


    ::) Can’t decide!

    Can’t decide if i find Honey prettier àfter her haircuts or with hair untill the floor like the little doggie running about under your sig…….. àfter she looks prettypretty. But with the long hair she would look sooooo royal and grown up…….. Difficult one  :-* .

    ps, my son asked why ‘the doglady from the pc’ (meaning Val) has cut of the doggie’s hair (he meant Val’s peekie) and really wonders why it still not grown yet cause ‘even chicken babies grown when fed’.
    Don’t ask  ::) , he handraising few chickens. He now convinced he knows all facts of life  😀 .


    Lol Honeys hairs never grown to the floor – be too much brushing shed hate it lol! And im too lazy – i brush dogs allllll day dont want to fight with another one when i get home  😉

    and your son – bless him  :-*  :-*


    Hehe bless her, she a sweetie, looks lovely before and after  ;D  :-*


    Hehe love her little face up on the table  😀


    Suz – a friend of mine bought her new 8 week old pup to school yesterday!! A Shih-Tzu X Lhasa Apso  ;D He’s gorgous  ;D


    awww did you get a photo nat?!!


    No I will next time I see him  ;D

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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