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    yes they are cute, they fluffy and playful and nice to fuss and pick up and play with blah blah and yes all that needs to go on but… they also need to be taught the basics and their manners so they learn their place in the pack pdq – if they stay in the breed pack they have no choice – all we do is substitute one pack for another – training and management needs to start on day one – it doesnt have to be tough or nasty or hard – just fun learning – this would then reduce the need for naughty corners ignoring – NO – and punishment of any kind

    they need to learn their manners and who the pack manager is and what the boundries are and what happens when s/he ‘tests’ them – all puppy stuff is until 16 – 20 weeks is behavioural conditioning – his mum would have sorted this – so now you have to be that mum – thats all – but s/he needs to learn it all now before 16 weeks when they start to learn choice

    the rules are

    a flexible manager is a good manager – this means sometimes we do and sometimes we dont – sometimes we make a fuss when we come in sometimes not we ignore – sometimes we decide to play sometimes not they have to amuse themselves – by doing this then his/her attention will be on you – s/he will be ready to cue and s/he wont demand the memememe stuff

    next rule is cue consistency
    if the cue for come is come then it is always come – not come here – archie come – come archie and all the pack must stick to this – so decide the cues – write them down and stick to them

    next rule is
    silly voice time – the puppy time – if you change your voice this way s/he will learn that – ok yipeeee it’s now play time i am off cue


    am i making sense?

    i have had a ‘naughty puppy week’ none of which is any of the puppies fault

    manage and reward
    train and reward
    ignore the bad reward the good
    teach manners
    and look at the best place to be and criteria training in this sticky section ;D


    looking forward to getting a puppy some day again perhaps maybe never at this rate


    Wasn’t that long a wait really was it!!!!  ;D 😉


    OK i wanted to plan my puppy

    i wanted to go see it every week till i could have it

    i wanted to get exited about it being born


    it never works like that  ;D


    Hehe, he’s lovely though!  🙂


    Kiz, now this pup is nearly 17 weeks, does this mean the behavior he is displaying now will not be correctable? He turns exactly 4 calendar months on August 29 :-\. I am reading stuff on this board that quite frankly is freaking me out now. I wished I had come back here earlier and not waited so long :'(


    yes it is correctable – but within limits – read the stuff i sent you on conditioning

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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