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    Not a dog, but a cat… gone to chase the mice.

    She was the kitten of our cat we had when I was a teenager (Data – went to the Bridge just over 3 yrs ago) and found a home with friends – who adored her… have just heard that she has now gone to the Bridge, at the age of 17 – if memory serves she was born on 22 Aug 1991. Beautiful kitten, and lived much longer than her brother (Arnie) who we kept and was my delight – until he got run over by a car at 8mths old when I was 15…  :'(

    Lounge serenely, free with your mother & brother again Socks, aka Terminator, aka Bianca.

    No pictures of her scanned in, but here is her mother and MY little brother!  🙂

    [img width=449 height=468][/img]


    Run free Sock’s

    Have to mention Terry,Data look’s a fab colour


    Thank you – she was an Abysinnian – colour is called ruddy.  🙂


    Run free Sock’s  :-*


    run free :-*


    A good age, run free little one


    Run Free  :pray:

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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