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    Cross posted with permission from another forum.

    I thought I should pass to everyone in the South London area a warning I received from a park warden while on a walk. Apparently, there is a group of hooligans hanging around Clapham Common, Streatham Common, Tooting Bec, the Rookery etc, who have trained a number of Staffies / Staffie crosses to attack other dogs, and they take particular pleasure from attacking puppies.

    Afterwards, I mentioned it at a dog training class and two of the people their had had their puppies attacked. One of them looks seems to be okay but the other one (a tiny cocker poodle cross) is still traumatised and won’t allow other puppies or dogs near her.

    It’s a horrible thing because this will make everyone in the area fearful of any staffies that they see, even the vast majority who are adorable little tykes, but until these hooligans are caught it’s better safe than sorry. Of course, the police cannot do very much, as victims want to get their dogs away as quickly as possible and nobody wants to hang around and wait for the police.

    So anyone walking their dogs in these parks, or anywhere else in the area, please please please do be careful, and report anything that you do see so the authorities can give these idiots the punishment they deserve.


    I cannot tell you how cross and sad this has made me  >:( :'(


    :'( :'(

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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