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    Marti W

    Hello all..

    below is a draught letter to be sent out in search of sponsorship for the british team for next years wusv/fci world championships…it would be appreciated if anybody has any ideas of who might be interesting in sponsoring them…


    181 Cobden St
    M9 4EU

    Dear Sir/Madam

    My name is Marti Wood and I am contacting you on behalf of The British Association for German Shepherd Dogs (BAGSD) VPG group.

    VPG is a canine sport that was previously named Schutzhund. Schutzhund was first practiced in Germany and is now a worldwide pastime for various breeds.

    Each year BAGSD send a team of 5 Dogs and Handlers to the World Championships. The team of 5 is decided from winning Dog and Handler teams from 2 selection trials held in various sports venues in the UK. There are actually 2 Championships, the first being the WUSV which is specifically for the German Shepherd and then there is the FCI which is for all breeds.

    Whilst those World Championships are high profile and watched by thousands from around the globe, currently the UK teams have to find their own sponsorship to fund their cost of attending the events.

    Recently BAGSD VPG set up a sponsorship panel with aims of acquiring sponsorship from interested parties to try and ease the high cost of attending these events.

    We are currently seeking sponsorship for our team and can offer various incentives in return ranging from company logo on the UK team uniform to a mention in the quarterly BAGSD membership magazine. We are also open to ideas and requests should you have some.

    It is worth noting that in 2009 the WUSV World Championships will be the 110th anniversary and will be held in Germany, the home of the German Shepherd. This Championship is marked to be a truly spectacular event and is proposed to have a record audience of canine enthusiasts.

    I have included a brief description of the VPG Dog Sport for you to browse at your leisure to give you a bit more of an idea of what is involved.

    More information on BAGSD can be found on http://www.bagsd.net.

    If you can help in any way, be it large or small our teams will be very grateful. For more information I can be contacted on the above address or by telephone 07912965615

    I look forward to your reply,

    Marti Wood

    On behalf of BAGSD VPG Sponsorship Panel.


    Hi Marti
    Just a thought have you asked the GSD clubs there are so many that if they each gave a little it would help your costs
    Good Luck

    Marti W

    Hi val,

    Yes ill give them a shout, thanks.

    Anymore ideas people ???



    Best of luck to you and your team.

    Is there any equipment that you use? If so I’d approach the manufacturers.
    Any chance of getting an “official dog food supplier” ?

    There’s no money in dogs


    I would get in touch with Royal Canin and James Wellbeloved they are both part of Mars and since Pedigree jumped ship these are the two companies that do a lot of sponsered stuff.
    I would also try independant companies like Burns.
    Also have you thought of holding a companion show they raise good sums of money.


    Car boots on line Auctions

    Marti W


    Thanks again for your efforts/ideas,

    We have contacted the manufacturers of the equipment we use,along with every dog food company we can think of,hopefully something will arise from it. Aside from sponsorship i think something along the lines of what val proposed is in order as we are in a positition to run training days etc and looking into the idea of some sort of online auction/raffle.

    Thanks again,

    Keep the ideas coming,



    i agree with val – RC / JWB / Burns are foodie ppl who regularly sponsor various events.  Also Trophy pet foods do aswell.

    have you tried lottery money – i know its a right faff to do the forms but perhaps you’ll have a member or find someone who has done an app before to help you?

    Barclaycard have been known to “match” funds that organisations close to northampton have raised – perhaps look to firms that are tied in with area’s / towns that candidates are likely to come from ?

    also – the “posh dog shops” that sell the daft doggie handbags and teeny yorkie “biggles” jackets type places seem to like sending things for auction.

    lastly, you could get in touch with a young lady called Emma who runs a forum that regularly do online auctions – she may be able to assist you in some way with contacts / running auction / etc … and one of her dogs is a GSDX too 😀    www.ruffdogs.co.uk  

    Claire x


    also – if you are running training days, maybe invite stallholders to come and charge them £5 or whatever??

    also – charge entrance fees, and do your own food if you can – these are the 2 most profitable parts of rescue open days lol !!

    do anything you can to get your dogs into the press (nice things please) – nice GSD’s have perfect skills to be PAT dogs and a great way to be breed ambassadors too if owners have time, can make nice local paper stories.  plug your events on local radio (and say about needing sponsorship) it seems fairly easy to get on reigional TV aswell – perhaps someone could organise that and appeal that way?  maybe a guiness book attempt – i dunno what loudest group of dogs barking or something ?

    Claire x

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