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Staffordshire Bull Terriers

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    Does anyone else on here have any?

    I have two and I love them sooo much!  More than my Oh i think!  :laugh:



    More terriers!  Hello and welcome, I love your sig!


    hello and welcome  🙂


    Thank you – wish I could say I made the signiture myself, but I can’t lol

    Do you know of any other SBT owners on here?



    Lucysmom has a Staffi named Rip, 🙂

    Hello and welcome 🙂


    hi and welcome  :happy:


    Hiya, I have a Staffordshire Bull Terrier who is now 5 1/2.  Took her in at 12 weeks as a rescue.


    Lovin’ Rocco’s ears!  😀


    i have a red nose pit bull and he is so cute i rescued him


    Old post but what the heck!!! LOL  ;D

    I have a Satffordshire Bull Terrier – love her to bits, she a soppy sod, absolutley adorable, affectionate, loyal, playful, can’t fault her  :-*

    She snoring on the sofa as I type, spoilt wrotten already and we’ve only had her 5 weeks  😀

    Farts for England  😀 Burps really loud too  😀 But we don’t care, she my baby  :baby:


    Farts for England eh? :suspious: Blaming the dog yet again me thinks. :agree:

    Staffies are wonderful dogs and as good as any breed. I had a Jack Russell Staffy x for 18 years from Battersea and then a female pedigree for another 10+ years. I had to have her euthanased 3 weeks ago, i had no choice. Everyone i meet that has a Staffy always say the same thing, that they suit them so well they wouldn’t get another breed. 8)


    They are fab  :yes: We had a Dobie until April and she was so loyal and affectionate, never thought a dog could be more affectionate but I think Sky could be  :yes:

    Sorry to hear about your dog, horrible decision to have to make I know  :'(

    As for the farting….. they are very loud….. everyone knows its her lol  😀


    can i get some info on how staffy owners are finding this breed with children?

    I know that a lot comes down to training but after reading “These dogs are not recommended for most families, because they need every member of their family to be a firm, confident, consistent pack leader, providing rules they must follow; placing limits on what they can and cannot do” i thought i would ask for first hand experiance.
    obviously as i have a 5 year old neice and a 10 year old nephew i am particularly interested in how they are with younger children

    Any info will be greatfully recieved ;D


    At the end of the day it’s how they are brought up Kerrie… my two are 9 and 10 and have always been used to dogs so they know that Sky is at the bottom of the pack etc. Sky loves kids as do most Staffies, she does tend to jump up though so I have to watch that with smaller children, all she wants to do is say hello and lick them lol  ;D

    Are you considering rescue or a pup? Most rescues won’t rehome Staffies with children under 10, but I think this is precautionary if they’re not sure on how the dog is with kids  :-\

    We have children in and out of our house all the time and Sky is a little star, her previous owner had a young neice of about 3 or 4 so she was used to children anyway  🙂

    All I know is my two boys adore Sky as much as she adores them, they have a mutual respect for each other and strangley (possibly to do with the difference in size to a Dobe) they play and pay more attention to Sky than they ever did Piper  🙂


    hi Nat.
    The kids are brilliant with dogs, they even have stan obeying then lol because they have been taught how to be around them by myself and my sister however they were (before i got stan) petriied of dogs and although i dont think anything would happen i need to assess the compatability of the dog to them and vis versa.
    I met him the other day, he is an 8 month old rescue, wonderfull nature and very quick to learn. i took him for a walk and within 5 mins i had him walking to heal. Stan got on with him like a house on fiire so it is looking good from all angles at the moment.
    He is coming here tomorrow for a weeks trial to see how we get on.

    I only thought i would get some more info as i have never owned or had a staffie in the family. thanks for the info and i will post some pics of him and let you know how we get on next week ;D

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 24 total)
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