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stay @wait

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    if Fritz stayed.. he would soon shout at me if I forgot him  ;D

    in fact he did just that.. we told him to wait before releasing him for his dinner and then R and I got involved in a discussion about something… we were so busy we forgot about F sat there…. in the end he stood between us and SHOUTED  😀


    I wouldnt have that problem – if I actually had the nerve to forget Honey – shed consider the stay well and truly over, if she even had stayed in first place  😛


    It’s strange, if I put Sadie in a stay she freaks out. She’ll stay but she gets very edgy and can’t wait for me to return to her.  However, if I put her in a wait which I do a lot, she shows no signs of nervousness at all, more excitement than anything else…she’ll ‘wait’ forever but a 10 minute stay is 10 minutes too long for her wee brain.


    Hi everyone,
    I’m at that stage of training Jessie 🙂 she passed her bronze training thingy and has now moved on to the silver and gold.
    so the anti has been upped. I had flu  for the last two weeks of her bronze course and didnt do any training but she managed to pass.
    We had first lesson last week all new people :)Jessie is the youngest there so has her paws full to do well.
    I am finding training wait and stay quite hard  🙂 she has a wonderful 100 per cent recall but stay is a different matter 🙂
    I have found if I put her into a down before saying stay I have better results than attempting a sit stay. but I am persevering with a little and often practice a couple of times a day and see how she goes.
    Its sad because when she gets a little older I will have to keep her on lead. but the hopes are that if she did run off the training would be reinforced and I could get her back.
    Rachel and the gang!


    I use neither wait nor stay.

    I use stand, sit or down; the position must be maintained until and unless I release the dog or give another command.

    This, IMHO, is easier for the dog to understand; I am a firm believer that the other two words are superfluous as they do not add anything to the equation, are “abstract” and imbue the dog with an understanding that they do not possess.

    these words ahve been handed down through the years via superstition.

    Any dog can be trained to stay, however most people do not put the same amoutn of effort into training stays as they do in everything else.

    More competitions are lost on stays than on all the other exercises put together!

    It must be done gradually working on the four different variables of



    easier – hmmm come teach Honey – shed only hold a sit for so long before she got bored and laid down – HOWEVER I can guarentee she would hold a down for as long as you like  ;D


    think we are doing ok, I managed to keep her in a down stay for over a minute and then another one where OH was trying to distract her with toys and moving around.
    also managed a sit stay for half a minute, she can move quicker from one of them lol

    really pleased she is responding to me, she had got very very attached to my OH and I always seemed to be the one doing the disciplining.

    He lets her jump all over him when he comes into the house wont hear a word from me that she should wait for her attention, but I think over time that he will see that she behaves better for me.

    Her recall to me is wonderful, with him she thinks he wants to chase her. he adores her and spoils her but I have always stood back because I want an obedient dog.

    Hope she will be good on Friday, but I am more confident because I have practiced every day.
    hope everyone is ok
    Rachel and the gang!


    If your dog gets bored you need to review your training.

    The only two criteria that need to be met whilst training is

    Make it easy for the dog to understand
    provide sufficient reward


    review my training  ;D

    sorry  but me and Honey dont really do much in the way of training, hence why she probably gets bored  😉 is ok she does what I need – I really dont mind if she  wont hold a sit or do a stay  😀

Viewing 9 posts - 16 through 24 (of 24 total)
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