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    With Izzie saying about her new pup Livia nicking Richard’s keys made me think about the stuff Tam have picked up over the years.
    So far:

    Bottle of  Methadone still a quarter full 😮
    A bag of ecstasy  :'(
    Assorted used condoms :vomit: :vomit:
    A thong.

    Farrokh is much cleverer he has bought my sister endless tennis balls and a ten pound note ;D


    Well why do you leave them lying around?!!  >:D  😀

    Yuk, thats minging!!  Imagine not having dead on cue, trying to grapple a used condom out of their mouth!  :vomit:

    I used to look after a complete shit of a weimie and after picking up the poo he’d grab the bag and chomp it open, with a look on his face like, ‘go on try and take it i dare you!’  :vomit:  I was always like ‘have it, see if i care’ and he’d drop it in seconds once he realized you didn’t want it!  ::)

    The only thing Izzy’s really picked up was a silverskin pickled onion in my granda’s that had fallen off his plate!  😀


    Honey doesnt really pick stuff up she cant be bothered cos she only gets told to spit it out…but reminds me today

    I was chatting to a dog owner half eye on Honey – who was saying hello to a couple people. Next thing she comes flying over – and i just KNEW they had given her someting  >:(  Wouldnt mind but i was no more than a few feet away – they didnt even ask just gave it to her, before i can say anything to Hone though shes run up spat it at my feet and buggered off again  😀 the woman i was chatting too, her terrier grabbed it and ate whatever ‘it’ was  😀


    used to be chicken bones off the street… now he’s a good boy and ignores stuff.. but has a nack of finding human poo on the heath  :vomit:


    Trixie tends to pick up live squrrels, birds and rabbits if poss. She also has a thing for cardboard the discarded stuff from fireworks she loves it.

    Jess well she will pick up anything if she thinks its going to get her a treat


    lmao eeeeeee i think id hurl if one of mine came up with a condom in there mouth  :boooo:

    teddy is ike diva is to well behaved or lazy apart from when he spotted an old kfc  on floor

    darcy is rather good for a springer cant say she has found anything but nothing looks fun unless its the shape of a ball lmao

    rosie she is minging she will eat compost will actually dig up the plants to get under them to mums annoyance also when on the way home from walks she pulls on to the grass bits and u think ok she a girl she wants to have a wee and she dosnt she is sucking up the cat poo  ::)

    well b4 we lost norman he was a league of his own he really was would eat anything that looked like food or was food or could turn in to food oneday

    mum was turning over the compost stuck to her fork in to an old black slimy onion as she was scraping it off on the barrow norman cam and sucked it off she was  nearly was sick  ;D
    condoms, tampons, dead things, poo, bought a dead goldfish in and left it on a cusion in the lounge  ::)
    once he escaped looking everywhere for him mum asks some work men have u seen my dog they reply it isnt that black one digging trough a shed full off rubbish bags oh yes it was


    eeewwwww :vomit:

    well stan hasnt ever realy picked things off the street, however over christmas i had a chiro round to see stan and she came in, sat down and had stan in front of her whilst she was stroking him. next thing we now he has spat out a christmas decoration in her lap 😀 hed had it i his mouth for about 5mins and must have picked it up when i went to aswer the door 😀 😀


    dodger’s never really picked up anything from the streets – he hates chippy so when you get the half empty chip packets all over the ground after a saturday night he just trots straight past them 😀


    Of course where I live the only things my dogs are likely to pick up are manolo blahniks, discarded jewellery, champagne corks etc etc……………… :ok:


    with cuberts obsession with ‘under the bed’  i aint even going here…. :-X :-X


    [quote author=kizkiznobite link=topic=13913.msg263479#msg263479 date=1237225024]
    with cuberts obsession with ‘under the bed’  i aint even going here…. :-X :-X

    You don’t get away that easy >:D come on spill ;D ;D


    toby red setter…a hot roast chicken…brought into house on its spiked stainless steel plate..he couldnt over his face as he had chicken by the breast bone…it and dog landed on bed at 90 miles an hour…someone went without sunday lunch…we living in shetland at the time so he had all the world to wander in…he came back with alsorts…fishing nets…half dead trout…bannocks in a bag…plates of haggis…. a dead seal…if it was stealable he stole it…even came back with a raw cauliflower once

    polly…a live guinea pig  ::) we at a school doing a demo…kids took her for a walk  ::) she came back having raided the pets corner …on her own…deposited said pig at my feet unharmed …while i was putting it back…she killed a in hysterics  ::)

    brose….a bouquet of flowers…out with a mate…she was in love. ::) ::).on moby…not watching i suspect…think flowers came off a grave  ::) :-[ :-[

    ami…a wallet then while i opening it to find a name went and came back with a shirt….showed me where they from …met man and woman in various stages of re dressing …it lunchtime…out of office shag….often wonder if he went home to get a fresh shirt or if he wore the muddy version for the rest of the afternoon…and how he explained to missus…

    cubert…we aint going there  :-X :-X :-X :-X :-X :-X


    come on youve got to tell us about cubert ;D ;D


    no i havnt  ;D


    Ami  ;D ;D ;D love to have seen their faces >:D
    Tam did similar on the heath, ground in full of hollows, couple busy one summers evening, ended up with a dog jumping on them and a cold wet nose :-X :-X :embarrass:

    cubert…we aint going there

    Don’t tease :nono:

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