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    Hi all,

    Toby dog has been a bit off colour for a few weeks now, I thought it might have been with Alex and I being off work over Christmas and my prolonged flu, he’s eating better again after a bout of mild colitis earlier this week but tonight I’ve noticed a few black scaly spots under his skin which I think might be strep.

    Surprise surprise can’t find my doggy health encyclopedia but I think his immune system is almost definately going to be low after the last few weeks, he’s a bit grumbly too which usually lets me know something’s not quite right.

    Can anyone advise on strep, I’m interested in causes etc too i.e. not just treatment but a bit more info, have found some stuff on here and I know he should be having selenium, is this as a boost or should he be getting this all the time now (he’s now on BARF)?  Val, can you suggest something topical, it doesn’t seem to be irritating him although he seems a bit scratchy – maybe a bit itchy?

    Thanks guys  :-*


    I think Selenium is used to boost rather than having every day  :-*


    this is what tila had and with a course of vit E and selenium for an immune boost she was soon sorted 😉


    You say a ‘course’ of vit E and selenium…… long do you consider a course, and how often should you give it to boost the immune system?


    Probably a reaction to central heating or he may have issues with dust mites?

    The safest way to boost the immune system is with a prepared mix from a reputable supplier such as Hilton Herbs.

    Look at the  immunity plus stuff on this site

    Fish body oil with vitamin E is a good bet as dogs need more oils in this weather.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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