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    Lu Lu is quite possibly the mankiest dirtiest dog in the world EVER as in i have never come accross a dog who likes to be so wet and dirty this much ever. She has created her own mud slide in the yard and currently is just filth itself.

    So i wondered if anyone would
    a) like a go at making her white and fluffy again
    b) what shampoo they would use (a friend recomends dirty beastie so i have ordered some)
    c) tell me when its going to be dry and sunny so she will stay clean for longer than an hour
    d) let me know if shes going to grow out of it

    thanks xxx


    A- too far away
    B- Groomers
    C – Try 3 -4 months
    D – No
    ;D ;D


    why? …she happy…leave her  ;D ;D


    Forget the stamped butt I am shut for Pissimas Hooooooray


    [quote author=kizkiznobite link=topic=16245.msg283531#msg283531 date=1324654589]
    why? …she happy…leave her  ;D ;D

    because shes really really minging – just took them all to the river for a bit of a swim and rinse off – everyone has come back lovely and clean she has come back manky

    and Val i thought you would like a challenge lol


    I could give you the answer i gave the cat owner this morning at 9am who soooo desperately needed his cat groomed – but that would be mean haha!!

    filthy animal shampoo from technogroom will sort her out never used dirty beastie??


    Not sure if it’s the same brand as the above comment but ‘Kelco Filthy Animal’ I’ve heard is one of the best on the market.


    look…this is a real swamp monster…as in …white…long coat….prefers if mixed with cowshite…

    let dry…brush out…if still smells put vick under your nose  ;D ;D

    [img width=468 height=351]http://i156.photobucket.com/albums/t15/bev_052/Photo0197.jpg[/img]


    Lovely ;D glad it’s not mine


    but but but….in the cubert quiz you wanted to win him for a whole weekend…… ;D ;D ;D


    She cant have him :nono: :nono: :nono: :nono:

    coz he mikne :ok:


    mmmm next time i come and stay will walk him and then come right in  ;D ;D let him do his greet livs run through house greet dad…and then….see if your mum still wants PSML


    ::) ::) That wont bother her…she used to it with our 3! Trixie has been worse than that!  :tease: :tease:


    [quote author=kizkiznobite link=topic=16245.msg283758#msg283758 date=1326223918]
    but but but….in the cubert quiz you wanted to win him for a whole weekend…… ;D ;D ;D

    In all the other photos he was clean :yes:
    Willow is bad enough, with all the twigs on the floor from the wind that she picks up in her knickers ::)
    Haven’t got time to clean two dogs plus my Mother would have a fit if I took Cubes to her house looking like that! ;D


    willowyouisaprettygirliethinkweshouldgetdirtytogether  😉 cubert xxx

    psdonttelllivia  :whistle: xxx

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 20 total)
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