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    Taz is a beautifull 11month old male collie, he is tan and white with blue eyes.
    Taz finds it difficult to meet new people as he is a nervous aggressive dog. Although once he has found his trust with new people he is a very loveing, affectionate and loyal boy who just wants to please.
    Being a collie he is a very energetic dog who needs plenty of mental and physical stimulation.
    Taz is highly intelligent, through this here at Teckels Animal Sanctuaries we have found him a very easy dog to train once he has your trust. He responds very well to treats and squeaky toys, and we have taught him the basic commands such as, sit, down,stay, leave, paw and a little cheeky high five.
    Taz is a difficult dog and would benifit from a home who has previousy owned this type of dog before
    Taz would also benifit from a very active home as he loves his long walks and play time, to be mentally stimulated Taz would benifit tremendously from agility as it keeps his mind active and focused on other thngs.
    Taz has previously lived with another dog and slowly learned some good behaviour from her, so he may also be better to have a companion.  Although he would not be able to live with cats or any other small animals.

    love my dogs

    I am sure I saw him being walked earlier today with a man on the A38!? He is beautiful if it’s the right dog??  😉

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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