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    Hi everyone just looking for some advise.

    Here at the vets a very common problem we are seeing a lot of are male teenage dogs peeing on their owners furniture. (Shih Tzu’s are the main offenders) Anyway advising castration is the obviously answer (being a vets) but this is given with training advise. Just wanting to know what your training advise would be to a person with this kind of problem.  🙂


    depends on the dog, age, other dogs in the house tbh, there is no sweeping generic answer.

    Just to lcean the spots with biological powder/white wine vinegar to get rid of the enzymes.

    Travis 1

    Just been going through this problem with Stanley,cleaning after him with the white vinegar has seemed to work


    A lot of this stuff depends on owners reaction to it, how long it has been going on, whether it is learned behaviour – would all be dependant on dog in question.  if it is learned behaviour no matter what you cut off the behaviour isnt going to change.


    I heard ‘pee-pads’ are useful for this. They have a dog scent on them which you leave in the house so that your dog pees on them, then eventually you take them outside so your dog follows them to pee.


    Pee pads whoever invented  them  needs shooting,Why would you train a dog twice.
    Unless a bitch is bang on dates in her season I would not expect a male to pee in the house.
    To my mind it’s down to bad training to start with not being diligent and poor cleaning methods


    this is not a house training issue…it a marking issue…totally different…there are posts on here somewhere about this…

    dog needs to be re conditioned…the chosen spots for marking needs totally neutralising…

    pee pads ? am with val…money making daft idea scam….

    i have an entire male and an entire female…plus 2 other castrate boys…one a late castrate so he knows girlie channel number 5….cubert boyo knows that marking in house when ami nice and scenty is  :nono:  :nono:  :nono:

    when we had livs last week and she went pre season…he did mmm it not ami so…he didnt do it twice…and no i used no punisher or aversive…just reminded him that house is not a toilet no matter what his hormones are saying

    it a training issue…and i would not use pee pads or paper or or

    if you go onto cuberts puppy thread…you will see how fast i had toilet training done and finished…without pads paper…as for boy stuff…well…we put it away…we cross our legs…we get rid in the garden…

    Travis 1

    The last few days,I have been having problems with Trav,he has started marking in my living room,been cleaning up thoroughly with bio washing powder and white vinegar,he doesn’t mark the furniture in front of us or through the day while we are out shopping etc,it only happens through the night,he was castrated a few years ago when he was 5,Stanly isn’t castrated and is 19 months old.We had a marking problem with Stan a few weeks ago,but after cleaning up with the washing powder and vinegar it was nipped in the bud in a couple of days,any advice would be great


    1st q would be,,,how do you know it him?

    Travis 1

    Stan is in a cage through the night


    2nd q …where was stan marking?

    Travis 1

    On my curtains which were taken down and washed and rinsed with white vinegar,carpet un der curtains were also cleaned,Trav is marking up against my leather settee which he sleeps on


    Never had a problem with Tam doing that, did with a tom cat……. the smell was terrible


    is it always in the same spot…is it real leather?

    Travis 1

    Yes same place,it’s the sofa he sleeps on at night,it is real leather

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