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    Anyone know what sort of age a childs milk teeth come out? Nathan was 5 at the end of Novemeber and he has his first wobbly tooth  :surprise:

    Anyone else think its too soon?


    No think its about right, most kids start losing them at school in year one…. they’re all different! Think mine were both 5 or 6!  🙂

    Travis 1

    Cerys is 9 in April,she has ony just started losing her’s,I started to worry last year as Niamh who was 6 at the time had lost 4 baby teeth,the dentist advised that there was no problem,Cerys was late cutting her baby teeth she was 3 when her last baby tooth came through,so the dentist said he wouldn’t expect her teeth to start coming out until she was 7-8 🙂


    James had his last one until he was 13.  Still waiting on wisdom ones and he is 22 – mind you he isnt very wise about a lot of stuff so maybe he wont get them  ;D

    Travis 1

    My wisdom teeth still haven’t come through properly yet and I’m 42 ;D

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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