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    Jenny s

    molly is two and today i noticed her teeth were quite smell, i had a look and the back ones have got tartar/plaque on them is there any thing i can do to remove it and freshen her breath a bit.
    priced up the vets and it £107 for a scale and polish but more if any other problems.
    any help would be good or should i just book her in at the vets


    bones are a good way of cleaning the teeth ;D


    yep some good bones, nothing better  🙂


    ditto  😀 bones be a lot cheaper, shes onyl young shouldnt take long for the bones to work their magic  ;D

    Jenny s

    thanks for the replys so you recon bones will help remove the plaque


    bones are the best way to keep teeth clean aswell ;D that will save you £100 odd pound from the vet 🙂


    y6ep its the same idea as those dnetal things shops sell…oh but don’t buy them they’re nasty  😉 icky ingredients doggy don’t want them, nice marrow bone, or lamb bone or pork rib or really any boney part you like  ;D


    just dont give cooked bones 🙂

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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