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    there has been a major blow up between terry and me and izzie and terry and terry and the rest of the world  ::)

    hence her post…the only interesting thing about that post is all that she hasnt said…and my doG there is plenty of that…. >:D

    she after the symapthy vote ….izzie and i are ignoring…as we know the full story of it all…

    sorry folks



    If you need anything, drop me a line.



    thanks colin…it has lots of history…a years worth..we will cope  🙂 we always do x


    claires first post brill…second one not so…i have pm’d her pleading….hopefully she will remove it


    ahhhh i think i see..i posted in the wrong area? and i cannot move it…sorry colin :-\

    well done diesel…he a good man


    well I have posted – I tried to be nice, but Bev I cant do her need for sympathy all the time the constant need to know if everyone is friends with her. Im sorry but I just cant. And of course shes only posted what she has – Im not going to drag it out with her have said my piece. Maybe i shold be more sympathetic – i dont know but you  know when Claire says what she does I feel for her – Terry I just want to smack her in the mouth and shut her up for five minutes.

    Sorry  :-[ :-[


    no aplologies needed hun..none whatsover…she a different kettle to claire…


    Thanks Bev, I just feel I should be more understanding you know……………..


    i hard i know..but..you dont know the whole story….no one does..izz knows most of it as she has doo…so you can only judge and comment from what you know..just as those posting now can only do so based on her post…i have a dilema now…as to what i say to folk as i am naturally getting q’s..in some ways after the row i feel that i no longer have the obligation to keep quiet…but as i said..the most interesting thing about her post is what she NOT said..am dealing with an email every 5 mins from her as i type this..difference is i have done with her..now..i just care re her dogs….


    I guess I know what I know and still more sympathetic to Duibh than anything – what will be will be I guess

    xx anyway hugs bev you dont need any of this – hope Mo is doing ok  :-*


    Don’t worry Suz  this is a dog board not a counselling centre most people on the board could be from Mars some I think are  ;D at the end of the day we are here for the dogs and to make sure all the posts are friendly helpful and fair.
    See you put Colin on red alert Bev LOL
    Chill girls
    Still stuck on this bleedin laptop


    Thanks Val – you are right  :-*

    hurry back with your tower wont you!!  ;D


    Suz you are only human hon  :-*

    Val we still miss you!  ;D


    yup a human with two horns – the halos slipped  >:D  😉

    see Izzie misses you to Val!!


    Makes 2 us then!  :whistle:  ;D

    Am keeping away from Terry’s thread as the more I read it the more upset/annoyed/etc I get.

    I am def not posting in it either

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 25 total)
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