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The Dog Who Spoke With Gods

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    OK, so me being really clever and all  ::) was ordering a few books off Amazon and accidently ordered 2 of the SAME book “The Dog Who Spoke With Gods”. I know, me clever lol  😀 The book is out the box today and 1st page hasnt even been turned.

    rather than all the hassle of contacting Amazon and sending it back etc (took 2 months to get here!!!) I’d rather just post it to someone who would appreciate/enjoy it. Story info below:

    When Elizabeth, a young pre-med student happens upon Damien (pitbull), a dog being used for research on a university campus, she has no way of knowing he will dramatically change her life – and her beleifs. Without meaning to, she becomes drawn into the dogs fate and is soon torn between the love and respect she has for Damien and the sense of obligation she feels for the medical profession as well as her father and grandfather, both cardiac surgeons.
    WIth an uncanny ability to write about life from the point of a canine she tells the extraordinary story of friendship and loyalty. For anyone who has ever loved a dog, this is a must read.

    Let me know who would like it and ill get it posted on Fri when I have some free time for a change 😀


    OK so were starting a book club apparently. Book will be posted to Kerrie and Stan and from there… who knows  ;D


    hehe ;D i thought it would be good to send it on once read so if anyone wants to read it after pm me or post it and once ive read it i will foward it on ;D


    that sounds like a great idea  ;D


    Ooo sounds like a good book, i want to read it lol


    put me on the list  ;D


    Zerlinda did you want to read it?


    yes please  ;D


    ok so if we do it this way:
    i will send to zerlinda after i have read it, if zerlinda senda it to emma_rocks, then emma_rocks to Mudgie etc and so on and so on as people add their names (if they want to read it) working our way down the post that way no-one will get lost ;D


    fine by me, i’m on hols until 19th Aug so if someone else wants to jump the que til im back thats fine by me  ;D


    it might take me a bit longer than a week to read it 😀


    should we put it in the order that we are going to read it, and then we can easily do it and then say that weve sent it 2 them ect ?


    how do you mean emma


    i mean if we put it like the person thats reading 1st goes on top of the list, then the next and whoever and then when theyve read it put that theyve read it and what they thought of it. like
    kerrie and stan read or what ever and what you thought of the story or such ever


    i thought i would post here instead of starting a new topic, i read ‘a dog year’ whilst on hols was really good, i really enjoyed it and passed it to my mum who totally lost the moralistic ending and said see i told you you had to take charge of dogs like that  ::)  :help:

    its about him taking in a ‘problem’ BC and how it turned his life upside down for a year, was great  :yes:

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 43 total)
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