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    I dont mean if you two complain i mean other members have you READ Mudgies post – is just no need.


    Suz ignore Mudgie

    You know she can press the right button to upset people.

    Thread can stay locked

    The question is do we delete or move it??


    No leave it be everyones seen it now anyway.  :-*

    I wont be here at all tomorrow daytime am off to bicester  🙂


    have fun tomorrow then!!

    Am off to assess a rescue dog tomorrow who is having probs settling in her new home


    will do will get some pics and share when im back  -best of luck with the springer hun  :-*


    Not a springer

    collieXstaff  :surprise:


    Have a nice day tomorrow Suz  :-*

    I saw the reply referring to you from Mudgie and said to Izzie I was leaving it so you could see – hope it was the right thing to do, didn’t want it to upset you but thought you had the right to see it  :-*


    I needed to see that, a bullying post from someone calling me a bully when im was one of the only ones to stand up for Claire – I cant win Nat whatever I do someone isnt happy , so now im just trying not to care, still hurtful though.  🙁 No one is perfect even Mudgie.

    Sorry Izz not sure why i thought it was a springer just assuming  ::) good luck even more with the collie x!  :-*

Viewing 8 posts - 16 through 23 (of 23 total)
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