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    from harrods….

    a must watch for animal lovers…ch5 8pm


    Oh i read about that in the mail the other week, and i saw the video of the reunion on youtube  :'(  I’ll sky+ it  🙂


    s that the 2 guys who bought a cub from harrods and then eneded up releasing to the wild in a nature reserve in Africa….?
    Is amazing  ;D that reunion.. makes me cry every time.. love it  :-* :-* :-* :-*


    Yep  :yes:  i wish i could have a lion  ;D 


    ;D me too… love them  :-*


    harrods sell lion cubs?!  :what:


    Harrods sell anything  :ok: but not wild animals anymore thank doG

    [quote author=dogloverwoooo! link=topic=13961.msg264383#msg264383 date=1237922774]
    harrods sell lion cubs?!  :what:


    Watched it, it was brilliant. He was so playful as a cub and so loving, the only complaint I had with the program was……….it wasn’t long enough, it kept my attention all the way through.
    You could see the very strong bond the lion and the young men had, the whole concept of taking a fifth generation captive bred lion and releasing it in the wild seems totally crazy but they all made it work……. incredible.


    was incredible to watch! The reunion was beautiful, have seen it many times before but still made me cry :-* Was very sad to watch and follow the other males story too :'( Great program although i was shocked to learn that only 40 years ago people could buy an elephant to keep as a pet 😮 thought that was stopped a long time ago…..


    the best bit for me was when boy cuffed him…no teeth no claws…just you will do what i say lado…

    i remember going to harrods and seeing the animals on sale…the problem was the culture of the time…the well off so called hippy set…it was street cred stuff…and harrods did the if we dont have we can get as their advertising…so the ‘set’ constantly tried to get the upper with each other and proving harrrods right…it was a sort of social ‘game’…

    at least the guys kicked in their responsibility



    re: the 5th gen captive-bred …

    i didnt watch program as i was busy, but i am guessing this flags up the relative slow rate which genetic material creating drives/instincts changes – is this one reason why relatively more recent domesticated dogs lack some of the more captively appropriate subtleties of communication ?

    just thinking aloud …?

    claire x

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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