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    goes in tomorrow for some lumps to be removed so fingers crossed please!!

    shes got a cyst on her back which has fairly suddenly changed got lots bigger and now has some fluidy sort of areas to it – vet not sure whats going on but it is HUGE now and needs to go asap before theres not skin to repair the hole!! depending what they find will depend if it goes for biopsy but pretty sure it will be nothing!

    while shes under they gonna remove one from er eyelid its not a problem yet but would probably need surgery in the next few months anyway considering the way its growing.

    Not overly worried her hearts fine and shes fit and healty – but shes still my old girl so will be glad when its done x


    Saw this on facebook it is big isnt it, white light and fingers crossed for tomorrow, lumps are a worry Gracie has one but will start a new post  🙂


    Well lump was just a cyst, a yukky one but still just a cyst – had lots of fluid around it hence the size of it!

    But shes home – sore and in typical honey fashion refusing to eat or drink or anything – she did have a wee after much fuss !!

    anyway hes the wound – poor girl think shes allowed to be a diva!! Luckily the wound on her eye is tiny just the one stitch!!

    [img width=351 height=468][/img]


    Saw on FB – hope she heals quick is she ‘talking’ to you yet?


    shes suffering bless her…………she went to my friends house today as i was so busy at work – had to work to pay the vet bill lol!! so she was well looked after, now shes snoozing at home with me x

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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